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The right battery for the right device New tool to help businesses save thousands on hidden costs of battery replacements. A Dealer Management System helps make EOFY simple and less taxing Procell, the professional batteries arm of leading global manufacturer Duracell, has developed a cost calculator, using Australian specific data, to help businesses identify hidden costs associated with battery replacement and its environmental impact. It is estimated sectors, such as hospitality, could save up to 44 per cent in battery related costs by simplyusing the right battery, with the improved efficacies reducing battery replacements, labour costs and appliance downtime. Duracell Asia B2B Senior Director Jane Lo said, “If it’s buying batteries for remote controls, smoke alarms, or sanitiser dispensers, we want to help businesses explore ways to increase efficiencies by replacing batteries less and save more.” High frequency, high drain devices (typically those operating a motor or mechanism such as electric door locks or blood pressure monitors) have different battery needs compared to intermittent low drain devices (such as remote controls or blood glucose meters). “Taking into account device functionality when selecting batteries can achieve longerlasting consistent performance, which in turn means fewer replacements and less expenditure,”Ms Lo said. “Saving time and labour replacing batteries is particularly important in the current labour market, with chronic staffing pressure being felt in both healthcare and hospitality, two sectors that also have a high reliance of battery automation.” Procell is a professional range of device specific alkaline batteries designed to minimise battery replacements and reduce the environmental impact of battery waste. It is the only range of high performing batteries with products tailored for both low drain and high drain devices.All Procell batteries are tested to guarantee highest quality and consistently reliable performance. Hospital settings demonstrated that Procell Intense batteries (used in patient monitors) lasted three and a half times longer than competitor batteries and were rated as 100% satisfaction for performance, sustainability, safety and reliability. The cost calculator helps organisations determine the right Procell battery for each appliance across their business and identifies the potential cost savings, as well as environmental benefits of a reduction in battery turnover. “We listened to the market and heard that businesses were looking for alternatives to the never-ending cycle of purchase-use-disposerepeat when it comes to batteries,”Ms Lo said. “We’re now looking forward to helping businesses use the batteries to their advantage and make significant savings, while also delivering improved operational and environmental outcomes.” For more information, go to www. procell.com/en-au/where-to-buy/ The month of June for any OPE dealership is generally dominated by the daunting tasks that go hand in hand with EOFY. Counting stock, looking into discrepancies and reorganising locations often see staff working long hours fuelled by caffeine and a dream to finish as quickly as possible. This edition and the next instalment of the Computer Guru column will better explain how using a Dealer Management System makes this time of year simplified and less taxing for dealers. It will allow them to focus more EOFY time on activities which will result in more profitable outcomes for the dealership. Increasing your bottom line on the showroom floor or within the workshop, instead of frantically counting and adjusting stock levels, should be the preferred action of most, if not all dealers. Biscount is a great example of a Dealer Management System that makes this time of year a smooth one. This is primarily because a Biscount Dealer can begin preparing for EOFY at any time. For example, once a stock receival has been completed, a stock receival report can be printed, which has an updated stock level for all items received on that receival, along with details of any items specially ordered for customer orders or workshop jobs. The report includes the new stock levels for all items received, and thus provides a 'rolling stock-take' to highlight any variances that exist within stock levels and therefore assist in maintaining accuracy on a daily basis. Coupled with this, when selling items within the sales screen or when adding items to a workshop job, the current stock level will also be displayed on the screen. If there is a discrepancy between what is on the report or screen versus what is actually on the shelves, stock adjustments can made at the time they are first discovered, keeping inventory levels more accurate, which translates to a quicker stock count come EOFY. From a management perspective, any adjustments made to stock levels within Biscount are logged to the name of the operator who made the adjustment, and can have the added security of password protection, if required. Be sure to read the next instalment of this column to better understand the smarter way to perform your stocktake - the Biscount way. COMPUTER GURU Making stocktaking easier - Part 1 TECH TALK JULY - AUGUST 2022 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | 15