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How to maintain a Kohler portable generator for optimum performance and longevity. TRAINING In 1920, Kohler entered the Power Systems business, building the first modern-day generator called the Kohler Automatic Power & Light. Originally created to power Kohler plumbing products in rural America, the Kohler Automatic now provides instant electricity to homes, boats and business around the world. Since this ground-breaking launch, Kohler has continually developed best-in-class products and services for power generation. Kohler’s next generation range of portable generators provide instant power virtually anywhere. They’re reliable, durable and easy to use. Ranging from 3.5kW to 7.5kW, they’re light, compact and suitable for a wide range of industrial, commercial, residential and construction applications. Here’s how to maintain a Kohler generator for optimum performance and longevity: WHAT OIL SHOULD BE USED? It is recommended to use KOHLER oils for best performance. Other high-quality detergent oils, including synthetics, of American Petroleum Institute (API) service class SJ or higher are acceptable. Based on air temperatures at time of operation, oil type can vary. It is good to refer to the owner’s manual for complete details. WHAT TYPE OF FUEL SHOULD BE USED? Depending on the model, petrol or diesel can be used. (Note: E15, E20 and E85 are NOT approved for use.) HOW SHOULD THE GENERATOR BE STORED? Long-term storage of the generator requires preventative procedures to guard against deterioration. Disconnect any electrical devices. If the engine will be out of service for two months or more, follow these procedures: 1. Add KOHLER PRO Series fuel treatment or equivalent to fuel tank. Run engine 2-3 minutes to get stabilized fuel into fuel system (failures due to untreated fuel are not warrantable). 2. Change oil while engine is still warm from operation. Remove spark plug and pour about 1 oz. of engine oil into cylinder(s). Replace spark plug and crank engine slowly to distribute oil. 3. C lean the generator. 4. S tore covered in a clean, dry, well-ventilated area. When covering the generator, do so only after engine and muffler/ shield have completely cooled down. Generator must remain in same position as normal operation.