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The New Era of the Hybrid Experience In my recent Marketing article I talked about the Top 5 Marketing Trends to consider for 2022 and I have delved into topics one, two and three so far in the last three issues, so today the focus is all about Elevating the Hybrid Experience as per topic four below. 1. Collect Accurate Customer Data 2. Keep it Simple 3. Embrace Personalisation 4. Elevate the hybrid experience 5. Purpose During the pandemic our lives went from physical to digital at rapid speed —and amazingly, many brands rose to the challenge of delivering those digital experiences. Rather than people waiting weeks to see their doctor, telemedicine has empowered them to quickly schedule a 15-minute virtual appointment; numerous businesses have reaped the benefits of remote work and made it a permanent fixture; and e-commerce has exploded as the primary shopping method. The answer to how brands can effectively engage audiences in the years to come lies in the lessons they learned during this period. The flesh-and-blood human experience is necessary, important and desirable. However our online and offline worlds have collided, and there’s probably no going back. We now live in this new hybrid environment with hybrid events and a hybrid workforce. Welcome to the era of the hybrid experience. Automated emails, chatbots and generic messaging with a [first name], [last name] level of personalisation are no longer enough. Today’s consumers expect brands to understand and acknowledge the hybrid reality of the new world and to act accordingly — which could mean providing hybrid experiences for sales calls, conferences, events, employee onboarding , customer engagement and the like. To succeed in the hybrid work world, businesses should accept and appreciate that people are more than email addresses and demographics in a database. Whether the audience is online, in-person or some fluid combination of the two (which is more than likely), brands should leverage their customer data to inform the context and timing of their messaging and deliver an experience that transcends the digital to embrace the beautiful reality of the hybrid. Here are a few additional compelling trends and stats that highlight the importance of leveraging a hybrid customer experience if you haven’t already: • C onsumers of all ages – including 62% of Baby Boomers and 58% of Gen Zers, still prefer buying from a physical store - Forbes • 6 3% of shopping occasions begin online - ThinkwithGoogle MARKETING 24 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | JULY - AUGUST 2022