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lawn, scarify less often and don’t go as low. Buffalo lawns don’t have that strong underground rhizome. It’s important to leave a little bit of matter on the surface when scarifying these lawn types. Tools such as the STIHL MultiSystem make aerating , dethatching and scarifying a breeze. MOW HIGHER AND LESS FREQUENTLY You will need to change your mowing habits during winter, both in height and frequency. Fewer daylight hours means your grass will grow slower, so it is a good idea to raise yourmowing height by a notch or two. You will also find that the grass will only needmowing once a month. However as soon as temperatures begin to climb, and grass begins to grow again, it’s better for your lawn’s health to be mowing at least once a week. Regular mowing is extremely beneficial to the health of the grass. It helps to tighten it up and strengthen it. By regularly cutting the top of lawn off, it’s encouraging it to grow sideways. This makes your lawn a lot denser, thicker, and stronger, and creates a natural weed barrier. LESS WATERING The temperature in the air and in the soil will naturally decrease during winter. Over-watering during this time can increase the possibility of diseases or rotting in your lawn. Instead, you should always try to give your grass one last soak before the chill of winter sets in. This will also be helpful for your fertilising. LAWN CARE MADE EASY Battery lawn mowers are revolutionising lawn care. No longer second to petrol mowers in terms of power, performance and precision, the innovative STIHL battery lawn mower range has been recognised by CHOICE magazine for both their outstanding RMA 510 V model and the game-changing RMI 632 P iMOW® robotic mower as ‘Best LawnMowers’ in their respective categories. And thanks to high-quality and high-performance across the board, the STIHL battery lawn mower range has also received the 2022 Trusted Brand ‘Highly Commended’ Award in the lawn mower category. With understanding and insight into the challenges faced in maintaining luxuriously healthy and lush lawns, STIHL has developed a range of battery lawn mowers perfectly suited to meet the demands of gardens of all sizes and terrains of all types. Intelligent features such as eco-mode, flow-optimised blade technology and an innovative mulching capability have been specifically developed to assist in the delivery of maximum performance and run time, and to ensure that your lawn receives the care and attention it deserves. Roboticmowers such as the STIHL iMOW®range are redefining what lawn care can be. Not only saving time and allowing gardeners to move forward with other tasks, or simply enjoy more leisure time, the STIHL iMOW®range also make lawns healthier. Rather than catching clippings, they mulch small lawn clippings - an extremely good source of nitrogen - back into the grass every time they mow. So every mow is fertilising your lawn and improving its’ health. For more information on the tools best suited to keep your lawn in perfect order, find your local STIHL dealer at www.stihl.com.au. For tips, techniques, trends, tools and advice to make your garden thrive as provided by gardening experts, check-out the ‘That’s How We Grow’ podcast produced by host Charlie Albone and STIHL, and available fromApple Podcasts, Spotify and your favourite quality podcast providers.