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Australian Pump is a leader in high pressure drain cleaning Jetters. Their latest offering is the new Python “Deluxe” powered by a Honda iGX800. It comes in a stainless steel frame that is super compact, taking up less room on the back of a ute or trailer than any other machine on the market. Fitted with a Big Berty Bertolini pump that does 31 lpm and 4,300 psi, the machine is capable of clearing drains up to 9” in diameter (230 mm). All machines in the new “Python Deluxe” feature a top of the range stainless steel high pressure reel, 60 m of super flexible 3/8 “ sewer hose. An added part of the package is a remote portable reel, Aussie’s Viper Mini Reel that enables the plumber to clear blocked drains up to 60 m away from the ute or trailer mounted mother ship, the Deluxe Python. MORE INFORMATION Australian Pump Industries aussiepumps.com.au With the STIHL Hexa cutting system consisting of a new saw chain and a specially designed sharpening file, the Waiblingenbased power tool manufacturer is also presenting a patent pending world’s first, once again underlining its position as a technology leader. The hexagonal shape of the Hexa file, which is perfectly matched to the cutter of the 3/8" Rapid Hexa chain, not only enables to sharpen the chain more quickly thanwith a round file, but also allows less experienced users to re-sharpen the chain easily at the ideal sharpening angle. The result - a saw chain sharpened to the highest quality that also stays sharp for a long time, thus achieving a longer service life and at the same time the best cutting performance. The newSTIHL3/8" RapidHexa cutting system effectively supports forestry professionals in their daily routine in an innovative way. The STIHL 3/8" RapidHexa 3 (RH3) is the saw chain’s low-kickback version with a humped drive link. MORE INFORMATION STIHL Australia www.stihl.com.au Aussie’s new Jetter STIHL Hexa cutting system Kohler PRO7.5E Generator NEW PRODUCTS For over 90 years, hospitals, airports and military bases around the world have depended on Kohler generators and now you can too with the Kohler PRO7.5E, one of the most reliable and versatile, petrol-powered portable generators on the market. Whether you’re roofing a building, framing a house or working in the middle of nowhere, the PRO7.5E gives you the power you need where you need it most. Rated 6300 watts for continuous operation, its 429cc low-maintenance engine features electric start, efficiently coming to life with a simple press of a button. Incorporating a range of advanced safety features including Oil Sentry Warning System and GCFI Outlets, it automatically shuts the engine down in low-oil conditions or when an imbalance in electrical load is detected. Easily customisable with Kohler’s line-up of accessories, the PRO7.5E is popular among contractors and off-grid homeowners alike. MORE INFORMATION EPG Engines www.epgengines.com.au 32 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | JULY - AUGUST 2022