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OREGON TOOL CELEBRATES 75TH ANNIVERSARY In 1947, forester Joe Cox observed the C-shaped jaws of a timber beetle larva deftly chewing through wood. This was the inspiration for his “Cox Chipper Chain,” which he invented in the basement of his home in Portland, Oregon. That same year, Cox started the Oregon Saw Chain Corp. to produce his saw chain – from a basement startup to a global manufacturer. Over time, Cox and his saw chain revolutionized the timber industry, today the company he founded is the manufacturer of the World’s #1 Saw Chain™. Known today asOregonTool –has grown into a multinational organization. Oregon Tool sells products inmore than110 countries. Oregon Tool is a manufacturer of saw chain and guide bars for chainsaws, diamond saw chain for concrete and pipe. Oregon Tool is the leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supplier of first-fit replacement parts and agricultural tractor attachments.. “Joe Cox sought to improve cutting performance for those in his industry. His innovative and pioneering spirit led him to look to nature for a solution, and what he learned from the timber beetle provided the blueprint for not only his namesake chain, but every saw chain made in the last 75 years,” Oregon Tool CEO, Paul Tonnesen, said. “Joe’s efforts changed the industry and gave way to our company, and what he did and who he was continues to inspire our TeamMembers around the world.” As a nod to their heritage and embracing their core values, Oregon Tool has launched the T.R.E.E. Initiative, focusing on four key areas: Training, Recovery, Environment and Education. As part of T.R.E.E., the company is continuing their partnership with Tree-Nation to further reforestation, with the goal of planting 75,000 trees in 2022. The company will be hosting its second annual RUN, WALK, BIKE event throughout the year, inviting team members around the world to get moving in support of the health of the planet. UWA IS WORLD’S TOP UNIVERSITY FOR PLANT SCIENCE AND AGRONOMY The University of Western Australia is the top university for Plant Science and Agronomy in the world, according to the academic research portal Research.com. The first-place ranking was based on the analysis of h-index and bibliometric indicators since 2014 and compiled inDecember 2021. The h-index is a metric that measures the productivity and citation impact of publications for any one scientist or scholar. For the discipline of Plant Science and Agronomy, Research.comanalysed and rankedmore than 2,575 researcher profiles frommore than 594 institutions and affiliations around the world. The UWA Institute of Agriculture Director Hackett Professor Kadambot Siddique said he was delighted with the number one position. “This ranking fortifies our international reputation as a world leader in plant and agronomy research,” Professor Siddique said. “It is the direct result of countless hours of hard work from our dedicated UWA researchers and collaborators. Our next challenge is to build upon our accomplishments and maintain this leading position.” The UWA integrates research, education, training and communication in agriculture and related disciplines across UWA. It fosters innovation and strengthens connections with local and international research and teaching institutions and industry leaders to provide research-based solutions to food and nutritional security, environmental sustainability, and agribusiness. UWA Vice Chancellor Professor Amit Chakma said the Research.com ranking reflected UWA’s standing as a highly respected research institution. “The UWA Institute of Agriculture is a standout in world class research and real-world impact at our University,” Professor Chakma said. PROJECT TO HELP PROMOTE AUSTRALIA’S DRAGON FRUIT INDUSTRY Australia’s emerging dragon fruit industry is set to grow thanks to a partnership between AgriFutures Australia and CQUniversity Australia, uniting the nation’s dragon fruit growers to strengthen industry knowledge and enhance research and development capacity. As part of an AgriFutures Australia funded research project, CQUniversity has helped to lead the formation of the Australian Dragon Fruit Growers Association in 2021 and now, the Association is looking to recruit more growers to the organisation. Lead researcher on the project Dr Stephen Xu said that the newly formed Association aimed to connect growers to share knowledge, skills and plans for the future, so that the industry could expand and open up to new markets. “The research data that is currently available shows Australia’s dragon fruit industry had a turnover of approximately $2.3 million in 2012, but there has been no further update to this figure to indicate if the industry has experienced further growth in the decade since,” Mr Xu said. “While reliable annual turnover figures aren’t available it is clear that inrecent years, the industry has rapidly expanded in Queensland, especially in the Southeast, where several larger farms have established dragon fruit crops. “We have also spoken to other producers who are either in the process of establishing crops or who are currently planning to establish crops. “The tropical and exotic fruit industry in Australia is estimated to be worth millions of dollars annually, and with dragon fruit classified as a high value crop there is strong commercial potential for growers within both domestic and international markets. “A national-level association, that can facilitate communication and information exchange within the industry, is essential to understand industry capacity and further develop the market potential, so that producers can recognise great returns on investment. 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