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NEWS “The project will also foster industry engagement with potential R&D service providers to build networks and foster collaboration. “To achieve this, CQUniversity researchers have conducted several preliminary research cases studies with government departments and producers.” In conjunction with AgriFutures Australia, CQUniversity also participated the ‘Tropical Exotic Fruit Symposium’ led by the Northern Territory Farmers Association in 2021, which focused on the research development and engagement of several tropical fruit crops including dragon fruit. Dragon fruit growers or those looking toenter the industry can learn moreabouttheprojectorjoiningtheassociationbycontactingassociation secretary JasmineWang at australiandragonfruitgrowers@gmail.com. VICTA WINS ‘MOST TRUSTED BRAND’ For five consecutive years, Victa has been recognised as Australia’s ‘Most Trusted Brand in the Lawn Mower’ category of the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands Survey and once again in 2022. They have also placed as ‘Highly Commended in the Garden Power Tools’ category. In an uncertain climate where consumers have been feeling overwhelmed with lots of changes the biggest challenge is finding an authentic brand they can trust. By taking the top spot as Australia’s Most Trusted Lawn Mower brand, Victa has established themselves as a reliable, loyal and iconic lawn care supplier in Australia. Celebrating its 70th anniversary, Victa’s outdoor power equipment range continues to impress the public with innovative, high-performing and durable products. Victa continues to make advancements to its product range in response to the latest demands and trends in the lawn and garden care sector. The award-winning Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands that are featured in the Reader’s Digest 23rd annual survey stand out among their competitors. Throughout the pandemic, winning brands like Victa, have continued to build their customers’ trust, not only by consistently responding to their customers’ concerns, but also by expanding their services and product ranges to better meet the changing market demands. “Trust inconsumer brands takes years of careful planning, execution and nurturing,” Reader’s Digest editor-in-chief, LouiseWaterson, said. “But during challenging times, and the past year has been one of the most difficult on record, we’ve seen quality brands live up to their promises to their customers. These brands have been able to win and retain the trust of their customers.” The independently commissioned poll looked at hundreds of different brands within each category. Victa products can be purchased nation-wide at recognised Victa Gold Dealers. For more information, visit www.victa.com www.trustedbrands.com.au. NEW CLIMATE COURSE TO HARNESS THE POWER OF EMPLOYEES Climate-concerned professionals from across Australia can now apply to join a select cohort of employees in an innovative coaching and incubation program: WorkForClimate Academy. The three-month online course offers participants a unique curriculum combining technical corporate climate action (in energy, emissions, money and advocacy) and coaching in influence, presence and communication skills. Applications are invited from employees within the corporate sector who are prepared to amplify their climate impact by taking action at work: by building business cases, advocating for change, and driving initiatives that will transform their organisation. “This course is not for everyone. This work is challenging - it takes a lot of courage to drive climate initiatives inside a corporation, and to engage and mobilise leadership behind a particular course of action,” WorkForClimate Director, Lucy Piper, said. JULY - AUGUST 2022 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | 9