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been a national leader in the installation and integration of renewable energy and distributed energy resources within their catchment. And South Australian customers can now apply to SAPN to install a Wallbox Quasar V2G unit in the same way that they would apply for a new home solar or battery installation. Charging infrastructure supplier JET Charge is now taking orders from South Australian customers for Wallbox Quasar V2G chargers. Other states and territories are sure to follow – securing the required approvals is a work in progress. PRACTICALITIES Joseph says the V2G system’s installation took some effort due to the newness of the technology. Last October, the couple upgraded their 8kW AC inverter to an 11kW DC inverter with a 22kW BYD battery stack. “This means that when the power’s off my solar still works because it’s going through an off-grid DC inverter, and if it was night time my battery would kick in.” Under the new configuration with added V2G capability, there is more than ample off-grid power to run or charge all major domestic appliances and vineyard-related devices after dark simultaneously (except for some specialised chilling equipment). Given the 40kW capacity of the Nissan LEAF battery, Joseph says power drawn from the car batteries during the evening can be replenished easily the following morning within a couple of hours. Under normal circumstances, the car uses approximately 14kW per 100km of travel, equating to $1.12 in energy costs (rebate tariff equivalent), saving approximately $2,000pa in petrol costs. The same cost savings (based on kWh useage), of course, apply to other household and vineyard electric energy consumptions. A NEW OUTLOOK The adoption of solar power as the single power source for all of the property’s appliances and machinery has entailed a fresh, centralised approach to energy management. Instead of outdoor power equipment, for example, being a self-contained asset class of the property, with its own separate petrol/diesel supplies and storage needs, Joseph and Sue now regard all powered devices – from the living room air conditioning and stovetop to the electric chainsaw, car and whipper snipper – as conjoined elements of one shared power platform. The transition to electric outdoor power equipment has been a multi-year process that began 15 years ago with the purchase of Electrocoup Pruning Shears (the property has 10 acres under vine) for hand pruning. “Last year we bought an electric Makita chainsaw, and we also replaced an eight-year-old John Deere 120 ride-on with 800hrs on the clock with an electric Greenworks Pro 60V ride-on mower, with four extra batteries, which means we can mow and spray at the same time under vines and spray fungicide. “We bought the Greenworks mower from Mowers Plus Mount Barker after seeing an advertisement in your magazine!” Last year Ballycroft also upgraded its wine fermentation chilling equipment with the aid of a Government Energy Efficient Grant. “We replaced a 50-year-old Kelvinator 8hp milk vat chiller with a more efficient, safer Danfoss Optyma 10kW Condensing Unit. Practically all machinery on the 15ac property is now electric, including a Parklands ride-on mower and Nissan LEAF electric passenger vehicle. MARCH - APRIL 2023 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | 11