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A Watertight Solution SAFETY A first-of-its-kind product, the Krisis Flood Bag offers an affordable and effective way to keep important indoor contents dry amid floodwater disasters. Krisis Protection has launched its proprietary floodwater protection line of Krisis Flood Bags. The new product, a practical solution of militarygrade watertight asset protection bags, is designed to help keep indoor home and business contents dry from floodwater damage brought by devastating floodwaters, hurricanes and natural disasters. Founded by Steve Harris, CEO, and business partner Bill Pollock, Krisis Protection is an innovative start-up at the forefront of flood disaster protection. The brand addresses one of the world's most challenging problems – the increased frequency of natural flooding disasters caused by climate change – and provides a unique solution to address these rising problems. After years of research designing an effective watertight bag, Krisis Protection has launched an internationally certified floodwater solution in the form of three different sized bags to protect important contents from water. The products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and completely impermeable to water intrusion, making Krisis Flood Bags a reliable and cost-effective way to reduce the impact of floodwater damage. “So many families, individuals, and businesses in flood-prone regions face immense emotional, financial and property damage,” says Steve Harris, Founder & CEO of Krisis Bags. “I knew I wanted to make a difference to help these people both locally and around the world, and I amproud to introduce Krisis Flood Bags as a solution that reduces anxiety and provides material, emotional and financial savings. Krisis Flood Bags are the first of its kind, offering home content and business asset protection, serving as a second line of defense after floodwaters have found their way inside your home or business.” Currently, the Krisis Flood Bag is available in three sizes: Handy, Standard, and Super. The Handy Krisis Bag ($249) is designed for small items including electronics, jewellery, photo albums and smaller-sized valuables. The Standard Krisis Bag ($949) is designed for small to medium-sized furniture and personal items, and the Super Krisis Bag ($1,449) caters to medium to large-sized furniture and personal items. Each bag is made with heavy-duty PVC material, watertight zippers, heat-sealed joints, anchor points to tie down, and carry handles to help ensure easy handling. Krisis Flood Bags also pack nicely into a carry bag for safekeeping and compact storage. Krisis FloodBags provide households and businesses with immeasurable benefits – they are cost-effective, durable, reliable, and compact, and most importantly, provide peace of mind during life's worst flood disasters. To learn more about Krisis Protection, Krisis Flood Bags, and the company's work to offer an innovative, unique product to protect home contents and business assets, log on to www.krisisbags.com.au. 24 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | MARCH - APRIL 2023