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How to power through the autumn season in your garden STIHL’s resident gardening expert Charlie Albone shares his insights on how to best prepare gardens for winter while the autumn sun is still shining. MARCH SHAPE YOUR PLANTS Early autumn is the perfect time to lift and divide your perennials to boost their health for the seasons ahead. In the STIHL blog, I’ll demonstrate how to prise one plant into multiple smaller plants for re-planting into pots or around the garden and provide tips on how to do so without stressing your plants. Autumn division not only saves you money by creating new plants from your current ones, but it also reinvigorates tired and old clumps that fight for resources to prevent diseases. Have some plants spare? Give them away to neighbours and friends. Best perennials to divide during autumn: - PEONIES - DAYLILIES - SIBERIAN IRIS - BLEEDINGHEART - VERONICA - LILYOF THE VALLEY LET LIGHT INTO YOUR GARDEN How do you get more sunshine into your garden beds and lawns to keep them strong and healthy? With my simple 3-step guide to crown lifting trees. Easy and effective, once you’ve mastered this technique, you’ll enjoy applying it time and time again. There are many benefits to crown lifting, especially in high-density areas such as housing estates or industrial parks. It keeps the branches away from buildings and clears the way for desired views that would otherwise be obstructed. Other benefits include creating a higher tree canopy, opening up pedestrian and vehicular views, and allowing more light to stream through the canopy. Remember that with more mature trees, crown lifting should be done only on the secondary branches. A tool that can make this task easy simple is the powerful, lightweight and manoeuvrable STIHL MSA 140 C battery chainsaw. FERTILISE TREES Many arborists like to fertilise trees early to mid-Spring, or alternatively, in late autumn