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GARDEN MAINTENANCE when trees slowdown and go dormant. Either works fine, however late application is mostly recommended over early autumn application. This is because early fertilisation can increase root growth– and if the young roots that have been stimulated by fertiliser aren’t ready for winter, it may cause problems. Because it’s autumn, I recommendyouuse only a third of the amount you usually work with. This is also a great time to do a thorough check on your trees – are they displaying signs of stress, such as distorted growth or foliage issues? Best to get these in check now because if left untreated, it can kill your tree. If you need more help, contact your local arborist or landscaper to help rectify the problem. You can learn how to apply a combination of slow-release fertiliser around the base, and fast-acting liquid fertiliser to the canopy to make for a sure-fire approach all in my blog with STIHL. APRIL CLEAR AUTUMN LEAVES We all love the colours autumnbrings and that satisfying crunch as you step through bundles of leaves, but once those deciduous leaves fall, it can damage lawns, plants, attract pests, clog up ponds and even create a slip hazard. With the STIHL BG 56 petrol blower and the RMA 510 V battery lawn mower, they really make management of autumn leaf litter a breeze. From the angle of your blower to the height of your mowing blades, my leaf-clearing hacks make quick work of all those leaves, slowing down mould and mildew build up on pathways and maintaining the colour of your lawn. And don’t miss my simple ‘black bag’ recipe for creating leaf mould your roses will love. LAWN PREPARATION Although summer has officially finished, due to LaNiña it is most likely your lawn has suffered through torrential downpours and may have patches of puddles, making it an unsightly view. With the weather being so unpredictable, autumn is the best time to take charge and turn things around. From edge-trimming to mowing heights towhen and how to fertilise, I have some great expert tips on how to best prepare lawns for winter dormancy. Remember that although your lawn may quietly sleep, weeds do not, and will still grow despite the colder weather – so get those weeding forks ready. Mowing and maintaining doesn’t stop throughout autumn, but you will find that you won’t need to as often; it’s still a very important step for the lushness of your lawn. Discover how the features of the RMA 510 V battery mower make the quest for ongoing lawn perfection a reality, and how trimmer frustration is a thing of the past with a quality tool such as the FS 38 petrol grass trimmer. MAY CHOPPING WOOD For a sweet-burning winter wood stack you need to get chopping in autumn. In the STIHL blog, I’ll share my chainsaw and axe techniques and reveal the secret to easy, rewarding wood cutting, making sure you’ve cut wood lengths that fit into your fireplace, introduce some of my chainsaw favourites such as the STIHL MS 180 petrol chainsaw, and showcase accessories like the STIHL 2-in-1 file holder that make woodcutting safer and easier. These will all come in handy when chopping wood, as it can be a fairly good workout. You don’t want to tire too fast – so sharp, high quality tools are best to make your time and effort as effective as possible. I find it’s quite therapeutic as well and quite an enjoyable active meditation. Speed assists with delivering the cut, so I suggest just go for it - cut and don’t hesitate. When splitting the wood, make sure you can cut it as thinly as you need, depending on the job you need it for, whether it is burning or kindling wood? Make sure that if you are producing kindling wood, that it is dry and dead as it will burn a lot faster and more efficiently than fresh wood. Last but not least, make sure your body is protected by wearing suitable PPE, lest the wood is not the only thing that gets the chop. Exclusive to the STIHL blog, with expert tips released fortnightly during autumn, keep your garden in check, from the heat of summer to the cool of winter with Charlie’s Autumn Checklist essentials. Scan the QR code for more. MARCH - APRIL 2023 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | 29