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FEATURE We live in a world of disposable equipment. Distributors know in their hearts that every time they sell a piece of substandard third world gear at a low price, they are contributing to a monstrous pile of power equipment sitting in tips and waste disposal areas. The problem is not just the quality of the product. Of course, that’s a major factor but one of the key issues is the unavailability of parts with equipment often being manufactured from components, which are based on ‘selective assembly’. By that we mean that the parts are unique to that particular model or serial number unit. The parts you buy to replace them may not necessarily fit. At Aussie Pumps we see third world pressure cleaners and pumps plus a host of other small engine powered equipment coming in with no name brands. They are sold through dealers looking to make a quick buck. These dealers don’t feel any particular obligation to support the equipment once it is sold. AUSSIE’S APPROACH Australian Pump Industries has a simple philosophy. We know that customers are willing to pay a fair price for a good product. Take the Aussie Fire Chief fire-fighting pump. Aussie believe it’s the best portable lightweight fire pump in the world. Its features make it more expensive to build and yet Aussie put it on the market at a highly competitive price. Better than that, the pump and Honda engine combination is absolutely repairable. Replacement parts are readily available and Aussie documents how to carry out repairs. We believe buyers of simple farm machinery type of products deserve the right to be able to carry out their own repairs, provided they are relatively mechanically competent. THE BENEFITS There are manifold reasons for encouraging customers to buy quality products that are supportable. 1. Quality products carry longer warranties. A product with a 5 year warranty translates to components that simply last longer and therefore provide more convenience and user satisfaction. 2. Quality products are backed up with spares support. Customers can rely on the local Power Equipment Dealer to not only supply the parts but stock them. 3. P reserving good quality equipment by proper maintenance and repairs over its life reduces the amount of waste material we produce. This is worth fighting for! Looking at the tips in some country towns or even the big cities, you see huge amounts of waste steel, aluminium and other key raw materials being turned into landfill. We all win when products last longer; we preserve the assets of the planet. Isn’t that what we all want too? PRODUCTIVITY COMMISSIONS REPORT This Commission has called the Government to introduce a ‘repair suppliers’ obligation’ for agricultural machinery. This also should apply to small power equipment. If implemented, this will require manufacturers to provide repair information and diagnostic tools to machinery owners and independent repairers. It will also stress the obligation of manufacturers and distributors to supply spare parts in a timely manner. We owe it to the buyer to provide that elementary support. These are fundamentals that were considered standard 30 or 40 years ago. Let’s not fall for third world cheapies that are tomorrow’s landfill. Let’s start the ball rolling. Your time is too valuable to waste in arguments with dissatisfied customers over product failures and or poor performance. This story is contributed by Warwick Lorenz, Managing Director of Australian Pump Industries, who is championing the restoration of Australia’s manufacturing industry. Aussie Pumps support “right to repair” Aussie quality products come with free extended warranties, backed by great technical support and replacement parts. This Aussie 4” pump emptied out a flooded quarry in 24 hours! 30 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | MARCH - APRIL 2023