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Global escalations are happening with Putin watching first Nuclear drill on October 27 since the first invasion of Ukraine. The death of Her Majesty the Queen ending the second Elizabethan age. We observe the absolute power of Xi Jinping, newly re-elected for an unprecedented third term,whohas called for a “diversified and stable international economic system” and reiterated his ambition for China to exert more influence in setting international rules and standards. Meanwhile, I hold my breath and pray for the best most peaceful outcome. Closer to home, my thoughts are that we are no longer just a sunburnt country but a waterlogged one. So many of our fellow Australians, businesses, dealerships, distributors and agricultural land have been flooded. I can’t even begin to imagine the financial and emotional impact of this catastrophe. The climate has changed and we need to hold ourselves and leaders accountable to recognise and initiate change. It’s time we set laws regarding property development focussing on terrain, potential disasters and home design. Those old Queenslander bungalows had a point, catching cross breezes in the warmer months and flood resistant in the wet season. At P.E.A. our content focus besides OPE is on sustainability, encouraging a better smarter way of operating with minimum carbon footprint. InNews, we are sharing articles on innovations and mergers supporting this. Research&Development on page 21 reports that Electric Vehicles do go the distance. With the current crazy petrol prices, the savings in fuel and maintenance is substantial. John Power inOperator Profile on pages 18-20 demonstrates it is possible to go green on a commercial level. Following through on the theme, Tech Talk on page28 covers the STIHL iMow robotic lawnmower. On page 29, Ego write about their Z6 zero turn riding mower with zero emissions. To finish off the robotic, electrical focus for this issue, go to Gary Fook’s opinion piece on pages 30 and 31 titled ‘ Robots vs Humans’. This is the time of the year for our annual Review/Preview. Beginning withWarwick Lorenz, Managing Director of Aussie Pumps, who is leading the way with disaster mitigation not only in Australia but in the Sudan. Biscount, JakMax and Stihl also share their product launches and wins on pages 9 -17. Jo Katsos, Marketing Director of STIHL Australia, informs of 2023 Investment and Marketing trends on pages 26 and 27. I know that there is a general feeling of gratitude from dealers and distributors alike on the sharing of your expertise and knowledge. We would like to thank Jo for her generosity in educating and informing for the greater good. Our dealer profile is all about the STIHLDealer of the Year 2021 and the reason for their success on pages 23-24. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my team beginning with Justin Carrol, our designer who delivers to the highest standards for every issue. Jackie Joy for her keen sub-editor’s eye and articles. John Power for always unearthing an end user for Operator Profile. Gary Fooks for his Opinion pieces. I would like to also thank our media partners who support us because without you there would be no Power Equipment Australasia. Last, but not the least, Alastair Beyers, who consistently has conversations with stakeholders regarding participation and support. And that’s a wrap for 2022! Wishing all of you a safe and joyful festive season. All the best for now! Elaine Sharman Editor

STIHL AUSTRALIA’S NEW MANAGING DIRECTOR TAKES CHARGE STIHL has announced that Leeson Brook (Lee) has commenced as the Managing Director of STIHL Pty Ltd., effective from September 19, 2022. In his most recent role as National Sales Director for GWA, based in Sydney, Mr Brook was responsible for $430m in annual sales revenue and led a team of 130 staff, selling to both consumer and trade customers via multi-channel retail partners, including servicing dealers. Prior to joining GWA, he held several market-facing positions within Kellogg Australia and Johnson & Johnson, including international postings in Singapore and New Zealand. A company statement stated Mr Brook was a passionate, authentic leader with a proven track record in working with and alongside servicing dealerships to achieve successful market outcomes for them and their businesses. He holds a Master of Business Administration from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Born and raised in Adelaide, he is married and has two pre-school aged children. Wishing Mr Brook every success in his future activities, STIHL thanked Wendelin Ganter for his extraordinary commitment and his willingness to have managed STIHL Australia on a temporary basis. “We know we can count on you to provide Lee with a warm welcome to the STIHL business as he makes his way around the STIHL Dealer network,” the statement read. BRAD DE LOSA AND CURTIS BENNETT BAG STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® PRO AND ROOKIE CHAMPIONSHIP TITLES Newly crowned Pro Champion Brad De Losa from Lithgow, New South Wales and Rookie Champion, Curtis Bennett from Majors Creek, New South Wales axed the competition at the 2022 STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® Pro and Rookie Championship event held in Broadbeach, Gold Coast in September. Brad De Losa was crowned Pro Champion after battling it out against 12 of Australia’s best STIHL TIMBERSPORTS® athletes in the Original Extreme Sport. De Losa’s time of 6.18 seconds in the Hot Saw round was enough to see off Jamie Head and Brayden Meyer based on points accumulation. Earlier in the competition, Brayden Meyer also set a new world record for the Underhand Chop with a time of 12.01 seconds. In March, De Losa also took home the wood chopping gold at the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS Adelaide Australian Trophy competition, earning him a lucrative shot at competing at the World’s in Austria, Vienna where he took home bronze. Winning theSTIHLTIMBERSPORTS Trophy and Championship in the same year, Brad De Losa will now form part of the Chopperoos - an elite wood chopping Australian team that will compete in the world event this October 2022 at Gothenburg, Sweden. “Playing in front of theGoldCoast crowd at the iconic Broadbeach location really gave OUR FRONT COVER SHOWS… Leading the way in innovation and excellence, STIHL garden power tools are the ideal gift for the passionate gardener in your life. Whether tending a small courtyard, oversized garden or large property – let your kids be your little helper with their very own STIHL toys, including a brand new MS 500i chainsaw just in time for Christmas! MORE INFORMATION STIHL Australia stihl.com.au GIVE THE GIFT OF GARDENING ƒ Print Post Approved PP 100002231 www.power-equipment.com.au INSIDE Review Preview 2023 Investment & Marketing trends Electric vehicles go the distance Volume 43 No. 6 November - December 2022 OUR FRONT COVER SHOWS… NEWS NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2022 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | 5

me the energy to go full out this year. I was up against some strong blokes and I am excited to be crowned the 2022 Pro champion,” Brad De Losa said. “I’m proud of the efforts that I’ve put into the Championship against some of the other greats in this sport and to have come out on top. We have some of the best talent in the world competing on home soil and I’m looking forward to being named part of the Chopperoos team and heading to Gothenburg next month,” he said moments after officially being titled champion. $43 MILLION TO HELP INDUSTRY TO REDUCE EMISSIONS On behalf of the Australian Government, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has announced the launch of the $43millionIndustrial EnergyTransformation Studies Program, announced as part of the 2020-21 Federal Budget, aimed at identifying opportunities to reduce energy costs and emissions in the industrial sector. Grant funding will be provided in two streams to support feasibility studies and engineering studies to establish the business case for replicable projects that demonstrate energy efficiency and renewable energy technology solutions for industry. Applicants can seek $100,000 to $500,000 for feasibility studies or $250,000 to $5 million for engineering studies. Funding will be made available to companies and organisations in the agriculture, mining, manufacturing, gas supply, water supply, waste services and data centre sectors. These sectors are the largest users of energy in Australia, with around half of industrial energy used to produce process heat for industrial and other processes. Renewable energy adoption by industry can also be supported with energy storage including batteries, thermal and material storage and technologies that enable greater flexibility and responsiveness of energy demand, such as digitalisation and enhanced controls. ARENA has previously funded a number of projects aiming to reduce emissions in the industrial sector, including A2EP’s Renewable Energy for Process Heat Opportunity study, Shell Energy’s Advancing Renewables in the Manufacturing Sector studies program and ClimateWorks’ Industrial Energy Transition Initiative to accelerate decarbonisation across whole supply chains in sectors where abatement has traditionally faced challenges including steel, aluminium, bauxite and chemicals. ARENA CEO Darren Miller said the programwould create a pathway for emissions abatement among some of Australia’s largest industrial energy consumers. “Helping large energy users to reduce emissions is essential to decarbonising the economy and helping Australiameet our emissions reduction goals,” Mr Miller said. “Whether it’s by integrating renewable energy into existing processes or increasing energy efficiency to minimise energy demand and cost, the Industrial Energy Transformation Studies Program will identify credible and innovative solutions to the challenge of reducing emissions in industry. “As Australian industries look to decarbonise, we must now find smart, replicable solutions to help cut energy costs and reduce emissions in hard to abate sectors. Through this program, ARENA is looking to support solutions that can provide blueprints for business across energy intensive industrial sectors.” For more information on the Industrial Energy Transformation Studies Program and how to apply, please visit the ARENA funding page at https://arena.gov.au/ funding/industrial-energy-transformationstudies-program/ FOOD FOR THOUGHT - A CONVERSATION ON FOOD INNOVATION Feeding a growing global population requires innovation in food and agricultural technologies. The world must re-think old paradigms and invest in solutions that not only boost agricultural productivity and food’s nutritional value but also reduce negative impacts on the planet. As part of their ‘Promise of Progress’ series, Stephen H. Dover, Chief Market Strategist and Head of Franklin Templeton Institute discussed these issues with Hanneke Faber, President of Nutrition at Unilever; Marc Oshima, Co-founder of AeroFarms; Anne Simpson, Head of Sustainability at Franklin Templeton; and Patrick Vizzone, Head of Agri-Food at Franklin Templeton Asia Pacific Alternatives. The key takeaways were as follows: - F ood production’s broad societal impacts. According to Ms Simpson, food security is one of the top issues for global human wellbeing. Mr Faber mentioned that at current depletion rates of fertile soil, the world may only have 50 years of harvests left without major changes. And Mr Vizzone pointed out that diet-related issues is driving 80 per cent of healthcare costs in the United States, mainly attributed to a food system designed post World War II to deliver calorie dense and shelf stable products. Mr Oshima’s company is addressing this concern by growing micronutrient rich veggies, using data- and precision-driven farming methods. Mr Faber and Unilever are focusing on regenerative agriculture—agricultural practices that improve soil health and decrease emissions and water use. - L ocalization is critical to improving supply chains. AeroFarms builds vertical farms directly in communities, reducing transportation costs, spoilage and waste. According toMr Oshima, they produce up to 390 times greater productivity per square foot, while using up to 95 per cent less water and no pesticides. Specifically, traditional fields produce two to three harvests of leafy greens per year, as opposed to 26 harvests in vertical farms. Recently, Unilever realized only 27 per cent of the ingredients in food they sold in Africa was grown in Africa. Through local sourcing, they increased it to more than 60 per cent. Localization improves supply chain resilience, improves community food security and is often less expensive. Mr Vizzone believes the world is essentially seeing a rewiring of trade flows to be shorter, localized, more regionalized, less risky, and not purely built on cost projections. - P rivate and public capital partnership is necessary. Mr Vizzone confirmed food production innovation follows a similar investment path to other industries. However, going forward, governments, NEWS 6 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2022

endowments and foundations have a critical role to play, particularly in risk mitigation in developing countries. These sectors must create supportive environments within the food ecosystem. Ms Simpson mentioned that clear measures and standards are needed for investors to make better informed decisions on the impact companies have on the environment. - T aste andhealtharekey.MrFaber knows it’s critical that food product design not only wins on taste, but also on health benefits and the health of the planet. Mr Oshima takes a similar approach with their arugula, which contains 100 per cent more vitamin C than field-grown varieties. Its rich flavour and attractive packaging promote it as the “the new popcorn!” HITACHI METALS LTD ANNOUNCES CHANGE OF TRADE NAME Hitachi Metals Ltd. has announced that it has been resolved at a recent board of directors’ meeting that the Company’s trade name will be changed as follows. The above-stated change of trade name will be made on the condition that the takeover bid by K.K. BCJ-52 for which a public release was issued is carried out successfully, and a subsequent range of procedures necessary for the change of the trade name, including partial revision of the Articles of Incorporation, are completed. According to a company statement, the new trade name is Proterial Ltd, effective from January 4, 2023. Citing the reasons for change of trade name, the statement noted: The Company has its origin in Hitachi, Ltd., which was founded in 1910, and was spun off into an independent company in 1956. Since its original foundation, the Company has grown by providing the society withmany unique products developed with its high technological capabilities. After a successful implementation of the Takeover Bid, the Company will accelerate its efforts toward further reform and growth in cooperation with the new capital partner, aiming to become a company “leading sustainability by high performance.” Taking an opportunity afforded by the planned capital reorganisation, a step for its second independence, the Company will change its name to one befitting the new start for growth. The statement further read: “Proterial” reflects the essence of our corporate philosophy, which consists of three elements: Mission: “Make the best quality available to everyone;” Vision: “Leading sustainability by high performance;” and Values: “Unfaltering integrity” and “United by respect.” It combines “pro-” with the word “material.” “Pro-” represents our “three pros”: Professional—workthatexceedsexpectations Progressive—a spirit that keeps challenging Proactive—an enterprising attitude “Material” refers to the high-performance materials that our original technologies produce and which underpin the three pros. With our focus on solving customer issues and bringing new levels of value, we promise to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through the products and services that embody our philosophy, the statement read. The trade name of the Company’s group companies whose current name includes “Hitachi” will be changed on January 4, 2023 in principle. However, some will be changed by January 3, 2023 when appropriate, or later than January 5, 2023. RACV UPDATES FUEL FINDER FEATURE IN ITS AREVO APP The Royal Automobile Club of Victoria or RACV’s mobility app, arevo, has added a new ‘Fuel Finder’ feature to help users save money at the fuel bowser by providing regularly updated, specific fuel pricing from retailers across Victoria. Previously prices were provided in price ranges, not specific prices. The Fuel Finder includes an interactive map that allows users to browse and compare prices at petrol stations – meaning they can make educated choices on where to fill up. RACV General Manager Mobility Elizabeth Kim said the new Fuel Finder would make it easier for Victorians to save money. “Arevo’s new Fuel Finder including an interactive map allows motorists to make informed decisions before heading out to fill up their tank,” Ms Kim said. “The updates are particularly timely given the high costs of fuel at the moment. Recent data from the Australian Automobile Association revealed that in the second quarter of 2022, Melburnians were paying an average of $97.29 in fuel every week. This represents a $24.68 increase from the same period in 2021. “There are often substantial price variances for fuel even in the same suburb or town. By using the Fuel Finder in the arevo app, you will be able to shop around for the best deal for fuel anywhere and at any time.” Ms Kim said that the arevo app is completely free to use, including the new Fuel Finder feature. The app’s other features including journey planning covers various transport modes, not just cars, and has been designed and developed by Victorians to help users get around more sustainably, conveniently, and affordably. “RACV is committed to providing Victorians with a choice with how they get around – whether that is by car, on a bike, walking, public transport or on an e-scooter. RACV’s arevo journey planning app can help Victorians plan their journey on any mode of transport and even includes cycling routes,” Ms Kim said. The Fuel Finder in the arevo app will allow users to personalise their search options by filtering their preferred types of fuel and retailers of choice, and to sort by lowest prices and shortest travel distances. It covers fuel prices in both the Melbourne metropolitan area and regional Victoria. “Once you set up your custom searches for your local area, the arevo app will save all of your settings and deliver regularlyupdated data. “Knowing when and where to fill up will ultimately mean more money in your pocket at a time whenmany people are feeling cost of living pressures.” For more information, visit www.arevo.com.au. NEWS NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2022 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | 7

MACHINE SAFETY COMPLIANCE VISITS UNDERWAY SafeWork NSW Inspectors have begun visiting manufacturers throughout the Sydney metropolitan area to ensure machine safety, a leading cause of workplace fatalities and injuries in the sector. SafeWork Executive Director Compliance and Dispute Resolution Matt Press said with the post COVID-19 rebirth of manufacturing in Australia, it was timely reminder to businesses to think about safety before they operate, maintain, and clean machinery. “Operatingmachinery is a high-risk activity. Machines, especially those with moving parts, are a hazard to operators and other workers who can be caught in the machine, struck, or hit by ejected machine parts. “Sadly, on 8 July this year, aman in his 20s was killed operating machinery at a recycling centre in Riverstone in a matter being investigated by SafeWork. “Sixty-five per cent of all injuries resulting in a major workers compensation claim involved machinery between 2017 and 2021, with data indicating that young, labour hire and culturally and linguistically diverse workers are at greater risk. “SafeWork Inspectors will be not only ensuring compliance with safety regulations but educating business owners on what to do to protect vulnerable workers. “Workplacesneedtobeensuringmachines cannot be restarted during cleaning and maintenance, that there is regularly monitoring and consultingwithworkers to ensure they know how to operate machines safely, and they are using appropriate safeguards. “SafeWork wants businesses to embed a culture of machine safety and will take appropriate regulatory action if unsafe work practices are identified,” Mr Press said. The main reasons why people are killed or seriously injured when operating machines include: - R emoving a blockage or jam while the machine is still running, - C leaning or maintaining a machine without appropriate safeguards or lock out tag out procedures, and - W orkers unaware or not having a thorough understanding of operating procedures. SafeWork’s machine safety pack is available at www.safework.nsw.gov.au. NEOGEN BEGINS OPERATIONS FROM NEW STATE-OF-THE-ART FACILITY NEOGEN Australasia has consolidated its genomics, food safety and animal safety services in one purpose-built location, which officially opened in Ipswich recently. Supportedby theQueenslandGovernment’s Advance Queensland Industry Attraction Fund, the $11m state-of-the-art Bundamba site is Australia’s largest genomics facility and provides Queensland’s only locallybased food and animal safety services with on-site warehousing, distribution and technical support. The investment provides the Australian agribusiness sector with streamlined and enhanced solutions for every stage of the food supply chain, an expertise NEOGEN has proudly provided for more than 30 years. NEOGEN Australasia Senior Director Bobby Creasman said the new facility provides room to grow into the future and supports NEOGEN’s promise to positively impact the local, rural employment market and the agricultural industry. “NEOGEN Australasia currently employs more than 60 staff and we expect to create at least another 25 new jobs in the next five years to ensure we can continue to meet the demands and expectations of Australia’s livestock producers and food processing companies,” Mr Creasman said. “Our new Ipswich facility will be at the forefront of ensuring greater accessibility of genomic tools at improved value toproducers, while providing more information across the livestock production value chain,” he said. “This expansion, along with the merging of 3M’s Food Safety business with our existing operations, will lead NEOGEN into a new era of growth.” Treasurer and Minister forTrade and Investment Cameron Dick said the Queensland Government was proud to support Neogen Australasia’s relocation and expansion to Ipswich. “NEOGEN Australasia is a Queensland success story with its expansion creating new jobs, doubling its testing capacity, and consolidating its business with new services and product lines,” Mr Dick said. “They are a great example of an internationally renowned organisation providing highly valued services and support to our agribusiness sector that has chosen to reinvest locally and continue its growth journey here inQueensland.” NEOGEN Australasia now processes approximately one million DNA samples annually, with its high-end genomic analysis tools and robotic processing. Its Food Safety product range covers solutions for the Australasian agribusiness sector including dehydrated culture media, rapid diagnostic test kits to detect food allergens andhygiene indicators throughATP sanitationmonitoring. NEOGEN’s Animal Safety range includes cleaners and disinfectants for farm and veterinary settings, and pest control solutions such as insecticides and rodenticides to limit the spread of disease. The relocation fromNEOGEN’s former location in Gatton was a major undertaking, requiring eight specialist sub-contractors and 30 NEOGEN staff to move more than 25 truckloads of equipment and approximately 30 years’ worth of archived samples. “Our investment in new facilities is in keepingwithour commitment to our customers to continually invest in developing new and cutting-edge technologies that improve their livestock and food safety businesses,”Mr Creasman said. NEWS Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding, Neogen Senior Regional Director Australasia Bobby Creasman, Neogen Vice President International Jason Lilly, Assistant Minister for Hydrogen Development and Member for Bundamba, Lance McCallum, Ipswich Councillor Nicole Jonic and Ipswich Councillor Jacob Madsen. 8 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2022

REVIEW PREVIEW Review Preview 2022 While the pandemic, at its height in 2021, left the world, its citizens and the global economy battered and bruised, 2022 was about recovery and limping back to normalcy. But there have been highs and lows. The international borders finally reopened and saw the return of tourists and overseas migrants, hoping to give a much-needed boost to the economy. For the OPE industry, that had faced the brunt of lockdowns and shortage of staff and stock, it was good to be able to welcome customers back in dealerships, participate in expos and field days. However, the road to recovery isn’t going to be easy. A global downturn has been forecast, inflation is rising, the floods are raging, the war in Ukraine isn’t ending, a global energy crisis is escalating, and so are the cost of living pressures. But even in these uncertain times, experts say Australia is expected to avoid a recession in the years ahead. The latest budget papers show “the GDP growth falling by a quarter of a percentage point, to 3.25 per cent, this financial year and then falling again to 1.5 per cent next year”. Treasurer JimChalmers, inhis Budget Speech, said: “Our economy is expected to grow solidly this financial year, by three and a quarter per cent, before slowing to one and a half per cent growth for 2023-24, a full percentage point lower than what was forecast inMarch.” The P.E.A editions this year have not only captured the trends and issues that have dominated the OPE industry, we also got experts to provide solutions. We have presented stories of resilience, on the latest products and also offered valuable insights to our readers. From ride-on mowers climbing the popularity charts to battery-powered products leading the charge; from how hot pressure water cleaners have been used to combat COVID-19 to learning to browse the Internet safely at anOPE dealership, it’s been a year packed with quality content. In this edition, we present our much looked forward to ‘Review Preview’ line-up. For over 95 years, German engineered STIHL products have been market leaders, innovating a broad portfolio of OPE for both the home and professional user. In 2022, STIHL once again drove market leading marketing communications and product innovations led by battery products and model upgrades, allowing users to master tasks they face in nature with ease and enjoy growing with these challenges. In a change of leadership and era, STIHL Australia has appointed Leeson Brooke as the new Managing Director to guide the business into the years ahead, with exciting new product releases and model upgrades across both the professional and home gardener ranges in 2023. With the inflation figures hitting over 7 per cent and climbing, half the country under water and the promise of further climate change disasters on the way, Aussie Pumps response has been to increase production and move fast in an effort to respond, not just in Australia, but in the international market as well. At their 2.5 acre facility in Sydney’s Norwest business district, the company has upped the production of trash pumps and even big ‘dirty water’ pumps with both petrol and diesel drives. Last year, JAK Max celebrated 18 continuous months of incredible conditions, which few people have seen in the OPE industry. Now, 30 months into the best conditions that the industry has ever seen, JAKMax continue to enjoy the busyness and challenges of these conditions. RATO also continued to grow and expand in Australia with new portable lithium power stations and pressure washers that were added to the range this year. As the world learns to live with COVID-19 by remaining flexible in terms of service and support delivery, Biscount again increased its market share and forged stronger relationships with both dealers and suppliers alike throughout 2022. The company will put continued emphasis on functionality that improves both efficiency and accuracy while ensuring increased profitability for the dealer. There’s all this and more in the following pages of our Review Preview line-up! Happy reading and wishing for a brighter, stronger and powered 2023 ahead for everyone. NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2022 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | 9

Aussie Pump’s Managing Director Warwick Lorenz explains their simple formula for success, and how it works in practice. Aussie Pumps REVIEW PREVIEW With the inflation figures hitting over 7 per cent and climbing, half the country under water and the promise of further climate change disasters on the way, Aussie Pumps response was to increase production and move fast in an effort to respond, not just in Australia, but in the international market as well. The devastating effects of floods have been felt not just in Australia, but around the world. At our 2.5 acre facility in Sydney’s Norwest business district, we upped the production of big 6” trash pumps, 2” 3” and 4” trash pumps and even big ‘dirty water’ pumps with both petrol and diesel drives. A lot of our effort mid-year went into dealing with devastating floods in Sudan where a third of the country was underwater for months. The worst is still to come with their monsoon season coming in a matter of months. With 25 of our big MQ600TD 6,000 litre per minute diesel drive pumps on the job, the flood relief efforts were part of a coordinated response to deal with this devastation. For Australia, the flooding of coastal towns on the east coast has been a nightmare for homeowners, local government, emergency services, even mines and quarries. We had to dramatically increase production of self-priming engine drive flood pumps to meet the demand. Fortunately, our reputation for quality, five year pump end warranty and value for money gave us the ability to respond to the Australian floods in a very positive way. BUSHFIRE DANGER What follows floods? The answer is excessive growth, which coming into our Australian summer, means acute fire danger. The Bureau of Meteorology predicts we will see the El Nina clear up in November and it’s highly likely it will be followed by a catastrophic hot summer leading into what could be Australia’s worst fire season ever. The fuel load means both coastal and regional Australia could be in serious trouble. Volunteer fire services are prepping hard and moving fast towards aerial firefighting to deal with this threat. We’re working across the country on pumps for fast filling firefighting aircraft as part of our major movement to support this new technology. We’ve also rushed out an updated copy of our Bushfire Survival Guide for homeowners, with a particular emphasis on those in the ‘Urban Interface’. The Urban Interface is that area around capital cities, large regional towns, where major urbanisation developments are taking place. We all like to live amongst the trees but with massive growth and 40 degree plus days on the way, we should hope for the best but plan for the worst. We’ve bumped up our production of firefighting pumps, dramatically and sharpened our prices. THE AUSSIE APPROACH Unlike big corporates, Australian Pump still performs as a ‘start-up’. The company is focused on users and the challenges they face in the real world of dealing with all the subjects covered above. For a small company of only around 50 people, we are proud of the way Australian Pump has been able to set new standards for quality, value for money and customer support. We have the luxury of not having to run new innovative ideas through a board of directors or shareholders. Instead, we listen to what the users tell us and react accordingly. This gives us the ability to develop products that are on the way to being regarded as world leaders in design, functionality and safety. In these trying times, we prove every day that it’s possible to find inspiration in disaster. Aussie Pumps is inspired by climate change. This 6" trash pump is one of many helping with the devastation of floods. 10 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2022

Aussie Pumps Australian Pump Industries 02 8865 3500 aussiepumps.com.au Distributor enquiries welcome

With increased certainty that the world is learning to live with COVID-19 (despite stock replenishment still causing considerable headaches) by remaining flexible in terms of service and support delivery, Biscount again increased its market share and forged stronger relationships with both dealers and suppliers alike throughout 2022. The first major piece of work completed in 2022 was providing dealers with a further revised workshop module and adding additional functionality within the modernised electronic job card screen. Providing integration to the new stock search options has allowed for a streamlined book-in to invoicing experience. The changes aimed to benefit both existing and new dealers to Biscount alike. According to Steve Fairbrother, Marketing and Sales Manager at Biscount, implementing such change was an additional step in making Biscount a more attractive business package. “What has been most helpful is the feedback received from our dealers throughout the rollout process. The new workshop book-in process and new stock searching capabilities were initially well received by dealers for the modernised look, added functionality and time saving benefits it provided. However, further refinements suggested by our dealers further strengthened the end user experience.” WHAT’S ON THE CARDS FOR 2022? Based on feedback received from customers throughout the year, there will be a continued emphasis on functionality that improves both efficiency and accuracy while ensuring increased profitability for the dealer. Such efforts will include: Release of revised unit and equipment list register In an effort to modernise and add functionality regarding the editing of serial numbered units in stock including unique identifiers such as VIN, HIN and engine numbers, adding second hand units purchased from customers into stock and managing items on floor-plan terms, a new equipment list will be made available to dealers. Further refinement of workshop job input Additional features within workshop will be added throughout 2023 in an effort to further modernise and save a dealer time with the job invoicing process. Further increase the extensive list of suppliers with PDF invoicing support Biscount currently imports PDF invoices from over 100 suppliers within the Australian and New Zealand OPE, Motorcycle, Marine, Agricultural and Automotive industries, streamlining the receiving of stock with serial numbers, part numbers and descriptions added automatically, with minimal manual input required. Streamlined sales and workshop follow-up process While Biscount already has tools to assist a dealer in keeping in touch with their customers after the sale of a serial numbered unit or to remind of an upcoming scheduled workshop service, a simplified and more automated approach will be made available, saving even more time for the dealer and further increasing profitability through repeat customers. Electronic Warranty Registrations for more OPE suppliers Electronic Warranty Registrations (already available for Honda, Husqvarna, SME and STIHL products) will be expanded to additional manufacturers in 2023. The feature saves dealers from countless hours of manual warranty registrations, a task that Biscount efficiently handles at the time of a unit sale, using information within the customer and major unit records. Additional interfaces to supplier online ordering systems As made available by suppliers in the industries they service, additional ordering interfaces will be supported by Biscount, allowing dealers to electronically order parts for their customer orders, workshop jobs and inventory directly from Biscount, reducing double-handling of information and making the end-to-end ordering process fully electronic. Biscount hopes that the success experienced by many dealers throughout the year continues and that 2023 is a further step in the right direction for dealers and suppliers alike. Biscount was a significant part of the winning formula for dealers and suppliers alike in 2022. Biscount REVIEW PREVIEW The new look Equipment List menu in Biscount makes tracking and editing serial numbered stock and items on floor-plan terms an efficient end to end process. 12 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2022

Input workshop jobs in clicks, not minutes! Call: 03 9570 1777 Visit: biscount.au BISCOUNT Business Management Software ® Point of Sale Accounting Stock Control Marketing SMS Xero and ePayDay Interfaces Workshop/KPI’s Written, supported and Australian owned for over 25 years. Biscount is a registered trademark of Biscount Software Pty. Ltd. Biscount’s refined workshop job book-in process saves you time when you need it most. Our Simple, Intuitive & Smart Business Management Software has become even better Experience a free demo of the new & improved Biscount and drive your business further!

Last year, JAK Max celebrated 18 continuous months of incredible conditions, which few people have seen in the OPE industry. Now, 30 months into the best conditions that the industry has ever seen, JAK Max continue to enjoy the busyness and challenges of these conditions, although everyone at JAK Max (and throughout the industry) is looking forward to some well-earned holidays over the Christmas period. JAK Max went into overdrive in 2022. It was the only way to keep up with their ever-increasing range of products and continual focus on giving premium after-sales service. JAK Max expanded this year by adding a new 1000sqm warehouse in Meadowbrook, Queensland and did the same in NSW with a 700sqm warehouse at Warragamba. They are also building - to be completed in December this year - an additional 2000sqm warehouse at their headquarters in Derrimut, Victoria, and once this is completed, they will be ready for an exciting fiveyear period ahead. JAK Max added an additional three sales reps to their ever-growing sales force, so that they are able to service the country better. They will visit more frequently with more time to assist with growing JAK Max requirements. JAK Max has kept up with the battery evolution that is hitting the OPE industry and the range of Greenworks products is fast becoming a high-quality industry brand in such a short time. The range and quality of the Greenworks battery product is up there with the best in the world, if not ahead of them! Stay tuned for some incredible new products that the brand would be bringing to dealers in the coming year. RATO also continues to grow and expand in Australia with new portable lithium power stations and pressure washers that were added to the range this year. A complete range of RATO engines is on their way (available January 2023), which gives the RATO range a real leg-up on its competition. The JAK Max parts and accessory range continues to expand at 1,000 to 2,000 new parts, per year. The company is set to release their new catalogue, so stay tuned for more parts at competitive pricing. Finally, field days came back in 2022, an opportunity for all OPE companies to showcase their new products that had been sitting in warehouses for the last two years. With big crowds in attendance, it was a great way to get JAK Max’s new brands and products out in the public eye and spend awesome days and evenings with dealers. The most exciting aspect for JAK Max at these field days is the chance to showcase new brands/ranges of Greenworks, Archer Axe, RATO and new forestry accessories. It was great to see the return of regular customers that have missed these field days and who took advantage of field day specials on Archer products and saw chain. Massive thanks to all the field day organisers that make these events come to fruition in tough weather and economic conditions. Thank you to all the dealers for a great year and helping JAK Max grow in the OPE industry. 2022 recorded another year of great OPE conditions and a lot of work for the team at JAK Max to keep up with the booming industry. JAK Max REVIEW PREVIEW 14 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2022

NEW 1000sqm QUEENSLAND WAREHOUSE THE NEW ADDITIONAL 2000sqm VICTORIAN WAREHOUSE Bar Blades Swing Back Blades Bolt Sets Belts Spindles Pulleys PTO Clutches Brushcutter Heads Brushcutter Parts Carby Parts Spark Plugs Air Filters Oil Nylon Line Fuel Cans Safety Equipment Genuine SANLI Parts Genuine Kohler Parts Genuine Briggs & Stratton Parts Complete parts supplier www.jakmax.com.au ENQUIRE TODAY 1800 604 281 sales@jakmax.com.au Rely on Commercial quality generators, pumps, portable power stations & pressure washers Exclusive to JAK Max The power & per f ormance of petr o l , wit hout t he noise & fumes. Ready to serve Australia quicker & more efficiently Exclusive to JAK Max

For over 95 years, German engineered STIHL products have been market leaders, innovating a broad portfolio of outdoor power equipment for both the home and professional user. In 2022, STIHL once again drove market leading product innovations and marketing communications led by battery products and model upgrades, allowing users to master tasks they face in nature with ease and enjoy growing with the task. It has been a challenging few years with lockdowns and spending more time at home, making one’s home your sanctuary and now opening up to welcome family and friends back into our lives – with many people taking on fresh challenges in the garden and preparing their spaces for entertaining again. This year has also been STIHL’s 50th year in Australia, and to mark this occasion STIHL held 50th Anniversary dinners in every state where dealers and the STIHL team came together after the lockdowns to celebrate together. This marked a new step forward reconnecting and honouring the special partnership we have with our STIHL dealers as we look to the next 50 years of continued growth and innovations. CONTINUING TO LEADING THE CHARGE IN BATTERY MOWERS The STIHL RMA 510 V self-propelled mower has proven a top pick for Australian lawn lovers, being awarded the best battery mower by CHOICE. This powerful battery mower (part of the AP battery system) gives homeowners the performance of a petrol powered mower without any of the hassles. Further to that, the STIHL RMI 632 P iMow has also been awarded best robotic mower by CHOICE, which highlights the focus on quality and innovation for the future the brand prides itself on. To add weight to the above CHOICE awards, the full range of STIHL battery lawn mowers was also Highly Commended by Trusted Brands in 2022. PROFESSIONAL CHAINSAW RANGE AND CLEARING A 170-YEAR-OLD FALLEN TREE WITH THE RGBV The STIHL professional chainsaws range was put to the test in assisting the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria clear a large fallen tree, which had come down in a stormand needed heavy duty chainsaws to help block and rip it before being converted into mulch for spreading back into the gardens. The RBGV team employed the services of the STIHL MS 881, MS 661, MS 550i, MS 462 C-M, MS 400 C-M petrol chainsaws, as well as the MS 200 T-CM and MSA 161 T top handle saws for the arborist work up trees to ensure a successful clearing of the tree itself and surrounding branches. The newer members of the STIHL petrol chainsaw range also put to use were the world’s first fuel injected chainsaw, the MS 500i and the MS 400 C-M with magnesium piston. Another world-first from STIHL delivering superior power to weight ratio and exceptional handling. ONLY AT YOUR LOCAL STIHL DEALER With a 650+ strong dealer network stores nationally, this spring STIHL have launched a new television commercial to help communicate this across the country with STIHL dealers being the only place to buy your STIHL outdoor power equipment. Along with their trusted service and advice on the right products to suit your gardening needs, we are introduced to new characters in the new STIHL Dealer TVC, Sam and Tim, who bring the story together with humour to make it even more memorable. AN EXCITING 2023 TO COME In a change of leadership and era, STIHL Australia has appointed a new Managing Director Leeson (Lee)Brook toguide thebusiness into theyearsahead, with some especially exciting new product releases and model upgrades across both the professional and home gardener ranges in 2023. Keep an eye out and watch this space as STIHL continue to grow their position as the industry leader in OPE and innovation. We will see more from Lee in the futur While 2022 saw STIHL lead the way with market-leading communications and product innovations, 2023 will see even more upgrades and new arrivals. STIHL REVIEW PREVIEW

OPERATOR PROFILE Serco Asia Pacific, the company contracted by Melbourne Parks and Gardens to maintain more than 50 ha of inner-city open space, has just introduced three solar-powered electric mowers into its fleet of equipment. John Power examines the practicalities of ‘green’ garden maintenance. Serco: Keeping Melbourne’s Parks and Gardens ‘Green’ OPERATOR: Serco Asia Pacific, contractor for Melbourne Parks and Gardens REPRESENTATIVES: Ben Bayot, Serco Managing Director, Facilities Management; Ben Corfee, Serco General Manager, Melbourne Parks and Gardens LOCATION: Central Melbourne, Victoria CONTACT: www.serco.com/aspac The advantages of electric mowing practices have been widely acknowledged for years within domestic markets – and it was just a matter of time before commercial operators joined the electric revolution. A handful of Local Government jurisdictions, including Greater Geelong and Moreland (Victoria) and Camden (NSW) have embraced commercial-grade electric equipment in the last 18 months or so, and it is noteworthy that Melbourne Parks and Gardens has now joined the list of civic agencies willing to replace (or at least complement) traditional petrol and diesel-powered machinery with quieter, emissions-free alternatives. Recently, Serco, which is the contractor responsible for managing Melbourne’s famous innercity parklands and open spaces, spent $250,000 replacing three diesel-powered mowers with solarpowered electric models, reducing emissions by a stagging amount – equivalent to removing 420 cars from the road per year. The machines will be used primarily in the vicinities of the Shrine of Remembrance, Docklands, and Royal Park Golf Course. Ben Bayot, Managing Director of Serco’s Facilities Management team, says the investment in new equipment has far-reaching benefits for the people of Melbourne, ranging from less harmful environmental impacts to cost savings. “Serco is committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2030,” Bayot says. “This means finding innovative, sustainable and ecologically sound solutions that we can implement across our contracts to deliver practical, tangible changes today. “Diesel ride-on mowers, used to maintain expansive parks and gardens throughout the City of Melbourne, emit more carbon in one day than a single car creates in one year.” Serco team members proudly show off their new EcoTeqEVO74R350 solar-powered electric mowers, which are now in permanent use around Melbourne Parks and Gardens properties.