Aussie Pumps AB40-GT

Powered by Honda, this commercial pressure washer from Aussie Pumps comes with a ‘heavy duty’ Bertolini triplex pump designed to deliver longevity

Aussie Pumps’ new production facility in Norwest, NSW Sydney, is now up and running.  Aussie is proudly ISO 9001 quality accredited and builds pressure cleaners specifically designed for the Australian market.

The company has dramatically increased production of its commercial and industrial pressure washers with the aim of driving down costs, enabling them to offer highly competitive prices.

The range starts with the 3,000 psi ‘Aussie AB30’ and goes all the way to 7,200 psi (500 bar) ‘Aussie Raptors’ for industrial or even mine cleaning applications.  Available in both Honda petrol or Yanmar and Hatz diesel drive options, the blasters feature compact, robust stainless steel frames with integrated hose reel mounting bars, steel wheels and flat-free tyres.  

The latest run of pressure cleaners off the new production line are the Aussie AB40-GT (see picture). A 4,000 psi Honda powered commercial model, they come with a heavy duty Bertolini triplex pump that is designed to simply deliver real longevity.

Built for cleaning contractors, concreters, property maintenance professionals and landscapers, these machines offer a reliable alternative to the ‘tool shop’ specials that are only sold on price. Executive tradesmen rely on their tools. They want top quality gear that are reliable and give first class results every time. 

Like all Aussie pressure washers, the AB40-GT features a free Aussie Safety Protection kit. The brass unloader, safety valve and thermal dump protect both the operator and machine against pressure spikes and extended by-pass running.  


Labour saving accessories can be bought with the pressure washer and can dramatically slash cleaning times. 

The AB40-GT frame features an integrated hose reel mounting bar. This means that for contractors with large cleaning jobs, an optional stainless steel hose reel with 30m double wire pressure hose can be easily fitted.  This effectively gives operators a range of up to 60 metres, without the need to move the pressure washer. That adds convenience for the user and helps minimise trip hazards. 

Add a turbo-lance and the ‘effective working pressure’ jumps to 6,485 psi, adding 60% more bite for tackling badly stained concrete or heavily soiled gear.

For cleaning large flat areas, add in an Aussie 20” Spinner and cleaning times can be slashed up to 75%. 


Aussie’s industrial range of Scud gearbox drive pressure cleaners are designed for continuous use, for example in wash bays, paint prepping large areas or construction site clean-up.  Testimonials from users include comments like “works well and is used every day for months at a time, year after year!”

The Aussie Scuds have a performance range between 3,000 psi and 5,000 psi. These models are designed to suit virtually every application from large flow units, best for flushing off excess mud, through to 5,000 psi Class A machines for cleaning barnacles from marina infrastructure. 

The heart of the Scud is a “Big Berty” Bertolini pump, with a 4 year warranty. It is gearbox driven and therefore running at a slow speed (1450 rpm). This means it is designed for decades of trouble-free life.


Aussie Pumps’ design team take their inspiration from feedback from a wide range of end users.   

Their preoccupation is making high pressure water blasters that work well, are easy to use and will last the distance. That may sound simple, but the range Aussie Pumps has developed over the last 30 years is the most advanced and versatile in the industry. 

The machines not only look good, but offer the additional benefits in terms of functionally and corrosion resistance!


For Aussie Pumps user safety is always paramount.  Aussie Pumps has put together a free, online training course for anyone using pressure cleaners. The course promotes safety awareness, explains high pressure water technology and covers simple machine maintenance. It aims to prevent operator injuries and misuse of the equipment. It takes less than half an hour and when completed you can apply for an Aussie Pumps Certificate of Completion that can be added to your resume!

Click on or scan the QR Code to do the course today.   

For further information contact Aussie Pumps on 02 8865 3500 or send an email to