Emissions Standards Coming Soon

standardslogoEmissions Standards for non-road engines look like becoming a reality, perhaps in mid-2016.

The proposed Australian Standards mirror US Standards – the world’s toughest, and the Standards adopted by most other countries. These Standards are endorsed by the Outdoor Power Equipment Association of Australia (OPEA).

Australians are already buying compliant engines. About 50 percent of the lawn mowers, brushcutters and generators sold in Australia already meet proposed Standards. The technology is ready and here: there is nothing to invent, test or get ready.

Emissions Standards will see the end of all non-compliant carburettor and EFI two-stroke mowers. Bans will not apply to what we own now, or even dealer stock – just new imports.

A traditional two-stroke engine can have emission levels of more than 100 (HC+NOx g/kw/hr), with most in the 200-300 range, while all four-strokes and direct injection two-strokes are under 30, most under 20. That leaves a situation where an 8hp two-stroke pushes out more emissions per hour than a 150hp clean engine.

Legislation is tipped to occur by December this year, with full implementation by mid-2016. By 2016 Australia will be sixteen years behind the USA, and we lag Canada, Europe, Japan, and India.

“We are running five years behind China, who regulated in 2011,” says Gary Fooks from Blue Sky Alliance, who is helping to finalise Standards frameworks in consultation with the Federal Government and numerous industry groups.

In the meantime, a labelling scheme (see image above) has been produced for the immediate benefit of sellers of products which are already compliant. Tags read: ‘Meets Proposed Australian Emissions Standards’.

For more information visit www.blueskyalliance.com.au