June/July 2017

Dear Elaine,
Love the latest edition of Power Equipment.
I have to congratulate you on your editorial quality and Lauren’s feature story.
Its time somebody in the press started really pushing the Australian made quality story.

Warwick Lorenz, Australian Pump Industries

October/November 2016

Fantastic to see the Power Equipment magazine encouraging dealers to go forward with technology.
My shop Allmowers Dee Why is a testament to these values. Keep up the good work on the magazine.

Stephen Smith

August/September 2016

To the new Editor,
Have just reviewed your last two editions as a result of noticing a change of format in your magazine whereby it seems your publication is no longer dominated by a few of the big boys trying to groom end users to their products.
Dealers and end users are fed up with premium priced poor quality products that have a premium brand name which can in some cases lead to disappointed and disillusioned end users and dealers having to be better skilled in apologizing than selling, they are then left to support the product for fear of losing the account which can effect hard earned long term customer relationships.
Great to see how broad your content is becoming and presented in an open forum obviously with out fear or prejudice in a manner except able to all involved in the industry, particularly interesting profiles and departments
whereby realistic comparisons and developments can be made and implemented.
Keep up the good work, looking forward to your next edition.

Clive Townley