Fire Survival Guide


Australian Pump Industries have produced an updated version of their Fire Survival Guide. The guide helps pump dealers to educate home owners on how to assess the risks of fire for their property and to take preventative action.


Firefighting authorities across Australia are warning of a potentially catastrophic bush firefighting season this year.  Winter rains have been a bonus for farmers but have also lead to a huge increase in undergrowth posing major hazards, not only in country but also in urban areas.

The document details extensive knowledge and information on preparation work to be done in advance. Even if the property owner decides to ‘get out of the way’ of oncoming fire and leave, a well prepared home is more likely to survive and is easier to protect. The guide also illustrates on how to prepare properties so that they offer substantially better protection if you are prevented from retreating.

The survey taken of Victoria’s CFA, New South Wales, RFS and Queensland’s FES indicates a similar sombre view of the coming summer season.

“Stable rainfall over the winter season, means that vegetation growth has been much greater than ever before and will continue to grow over spring, meaning that there is more fuel for the sweltering hot fire season, which authorities have predicated will be disastrous. We have bumped up production and begun an active education program for dealers, farmers and home owners,” said Aussie Pumps’ Brad Farrugia.

Aussie Fire Ready Safety posters will also be readily available helping to spread the basic rules on preparation, in line with those very proactive programs run by firefighting authorities in all states!

Aussie Fire Ready Survival Plan, a 24 page document packed with invaluable information, is available free of charge from Aussie Pump distributors and other key outlets throughout Australia.

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