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When Peta and Kerry met, they decided to join together and

become business partners.

“I met Peta through the business, struck up a friendship which

went further and now we are married,” Kerry explained.

It was from here that Poynton Maintenance Services begun.


Choosing the right equipment is important for any contrac-

tor, but Peta and Kerry said that it’s particularly important as

women. Without equipment that is reliable, effective and ergo-

nomically suitable, they would be unable to approach jobs with

confidence, or complete them to a high standard. Talking with

other contractors and industry profes-

sionals has been a helpful way for Peta

and Kerry to increase their understand-

ing of various equipment types, and

select specific tools. As early players in

the contracting business, the couple has

also had the opportunity to share infor-

mation and educate others who are enter-

ing or struggling in the industry.

“Having really good equipment has

helped us, as well as having people to

point us in the right direction. We’re

always talking to other contractors about

what they have and how they feel about equipment they have

purchased. We also have a great mate who runs a

mower shop. We have a network of people that has

supported and helped us and their advice and edu-

cation has been invaluable,” Peta said.

“I don’t think you can go past word of mouth

from the contractors. If they have got a piece of

equipment they don’t like, they’ll soon tell their oth-

er contractors,” Kerry agreed.

“We were fairly early in the piece, so we were

the ones telling them which equipment was good.

We have done the hard yards, we have built up our

business and it is really comfortable. Others still

look up to us, because people are still struggling,”

she said.

As women, Peta and Kerry said that equipment weight and feel

plays a large part in their selection.

“Being two women, we really try and get equipment that is going

to be ergonomically built for us. A lot of equipment is built for men.

We always try and get a feel for a piece of equipment, whether it’s

a brushcutter or hedge trimmer, and see how many hours we can

work with it,” Peta said.

Peta and Kerry use a range of brands across their fleet of equip-

ment, and have experimented with a number of models.

“Our chainsaws are Shindaiwa, and so is our backpack blower

and professional hedge trimmers. We also use a Tanaka backpack

brushcutter,” Peta said.

Smaller Shindaiwa brushcutters are

used for domestic jobs.

Peta and Kerry have found the

Worldlawn Viper ride on mower with 50

inch deck to be invaluable, and said that

Clive Townley from Mowco has pro-

vided them with a wealth of knowledge

when it comes to equipment.

“Clive was Australian service man-

ager for Toro and our first mower was

a Toro. Clive came out to demonstrate

it for us and help us to set it up. We ini-

tially had a couple of things go wrong

with it and Clive made the effort to come into our home late on

a Friday night. We were impressed by his dedication to his work

and service,” Peta said.

Peta and Kerry said that it is also important to give construc-

tive feedback.

“We recently tried a new mower, but it was ridiculously heavy,

even for male contractors. It was over engineered. We gave the store

owner our honest opinion and said, ‘you’re never going to sell this’.

That’s what we like about the Vipers, they’re light,” Peta said.

The business’s equipment needs have changed as it has grown

and developed. Kerry said that some smaller equipment is no

longer required.

“Most of what we do now is large area stuff, so we don’t even

need the smaller mowers anymore. We’ve got one there just in

case,” she said.



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