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The Honda Invention Competition was created to help stimulate manufacturing in

Australia by fostering the innovation of 4-stroke powered products. Honda awarded

two categories as part of its award ceremony on April 21, including Honda’s current

original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) and the general public.

Honda Invention Competition

winners announced


eing a ‘powered by Honda’

competition, the criteria was for

the invention to be powered by

a Honda engine. The awards night saw

ATOM Industries’ Drillmaster® and

Ian LeFevre’s powered wheelbarrow

as the winners of the 2015/16 Honda

Invention Competition.

Honda Australia held its inaugural

Invention Competition Awards night

at the Science Works Museum’s Engine

Room in Melbourne; an incred-

ibly fitting location where guests were

immersed in the glory of the surrounding

steam pumps and fascinated by the demon-

stration of a functional steam engine which

was run on the night.

The products were judged based on

uniqueness, marketability, quality, produc-

tion capability, and aesthetics, with bonus

points awarded for environmentally friendly

initiatives. The night celebrated all seven

finalists’ unique inventions. With an incred-

ibly diverse range of products on display,

attendees were immersed in the journey that

led the creator to the design of their product.

With the entrants on hand, there was plenty

of conversation to be had, with entrants

explaining their design concepts and the

research behind each invention.

Robert Toscano, managing director of

Honda MPE, opened the evening’s proceed-

ings by talking about ‘helping people get

things done’, and how Honda facilitates this

idea through the innovation of its products.

National sales manager, Chris New,

then took to the stage to explain the

rationale behind the competition,

sharing that the aim was to stimulate

manufacturing in Australia and grow

the Australianmanufacturing sector.

“Being the first time we had run

this competition, we really were not

sure how it would be received from

Honda OEMs and also the general

public; however, it is fair to say that

we were extremely impressed with

both the quantity and quality of

entries that we received for our inaugural

competition; in fact we received a total of 52

entries,” Mr New said.

As the suspense of the evening’s

announcement drew closer, it was clear that

the finalists were eagerly awaiting the declara-

tion of who had won the 2015/16 Honda

Invention Competition.

Atom Industries’ Drillmaster® was

the proud winner of the 2015/16 Honda

Invention Competition for the OEM



ATOM has more than 50 years’ experience in design and

manufacture of chainsaw drill attachments for hard

timber. Hundreds of thousands of units have been

sold worldwide over the years. ATOM’s product

knowledge, gained over many years, resulted in the

new Engine Powered Drillmaster. The Drillmaster

is powered by a Honda GX25 or GX35, depending

on the RPM that you want the auger to put out.

The ATOM Drillmaster is the world’s first

engine drill with an automatic reverse gear. The new

design (patents pending) is based around operator

safety. The idea behind this is if the drill suddenly

reacts due to the auger binding or jamming in the

timber, that the operator throttle control automatically moves to

the idle position, effectively allowing the operator

tomaintain total control over thedrillingoperation.

Designed andmanufactured specifically for the

hardest of Australian timber, the AtomDrillmaster

is perfect for farmers and contractors, especially

for fencing and other wood constructions. It has a

32mm auger for barbed wire.

The Drillmaster has a self-locking collar that

prevents the auger loosening during use, and also

drills holes faster than any other drill due to the

Drillmaster’s unique auto reverse systemand higher

engine power.

John Notaras from ATOM Industries,

winner of the OEM category.

Ian LeFevre, winner of the public


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