Power Equipment Australasia

VOTED #1 QUALITY GARDEN POWER TOOLS ^ *International models shown for selected tools ^Claim based on BIS Shrapnel Report 2017 BATTERY POWER MADE BY STIHL ƒ The battery that takes charge of your outdoors. The Lithium-Ion COMPACT battery power system boasts 36V of raw, rechargeable power that makes sure you can always finish the job. Powering nine STIHL outdoor power tools with one battery, the range is lightweight, efficient and easy to use, boasting consistent performance across medium to large gardens. Welcoming two additional products to the range to help take your reach to new heights are the HLA 56 hedge trimmer, and to help make light work of your lawn care the new self-propelling RMA 460 V lawn mower. Switching over in seconds, the AK battery is available in three different capacities (AK 10, AK 20 and AK 30) and offers balanced effectiveness with no gradual drop in power. No matter the challenge, the Lithium-Ion COMPACT battery range by STIHL has always got your back. Learn more at stihl.com.au/battery