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Innovation starts with STIHL ƒTHE FUTURE OF BATTERY-POWERED GARDEN TOOLS ^Claim based on BIS Oxford Report 2023. RATED BRAND # AUSTRALIA’S #1 BRAND FOR GARDEN POWER TOOLS^ Print Post Approved PP 100002231 www.power-equipment.com.au INSIDE Pivottray – Innovation on Wheels Richmond Rolling Solutions – Rolling Ahead Ride-on Mowers Volume 45 No. 1 January - February 2024

Become a dealer today Dealer exclusive Strong and achievable dealer margin at competitive retails Powered By Honda RRP from $429 Quality battery program More to come Contact Robbie Raymer on robbie@sumec.net.au to express your interest.

REGULAR FEATURES JAK Max your OPE parts specialists TOLL FREE sales@jakmax.com.au P: 1800 604 281 www.jakmax.com.au F: 1800 199 758 Bar Blades Swing Back Blades Bolt Sets Belts Spindles Pulleys PTO Clutches Brushcutter Heads Brushcutter Parts Carby Parts Spark Plugs Air Filters Oil Nylon Line Fuel Cans Safety Equipment Genuine SANLI Parts Genuine Kohler Parts Genuine Briggs & Stratton Parts Innovation starts with STIHL ƒTHE FUTURE OF BATTERY-POWERED GARDEN TOOLS ^Claim based on BIS Oxford Report 2023. RATED BRAND # AUSTRALIA’S #1 BRAND FOR GARDEN POWER TOOLS^ Print Post Approved PP 100002231 www.power-equipment.com.au INSIDE Pivottray – Innovation on Wheels Richmond Rolling Solutions – Rolling Ahead Ride-on Mowers Volume 45 No. 1 January - February 2024 COVER SPECIAL FEATURES STIHL has cemented their position as leaders in battery innovation in 2023 with the launch of the highly anticipated MSA 300 C-O: the strongest battery chainsaw worldwide, along with the new MSA 220 T arborist chainsaw and the BGA 300, a battery powered backpack blower. Pivottray - Innovation on Wheels ..................16 Ride on Mowers..................................................18 The importance of aeration.............................22 7 financial tactics savvy for SMEs to harness for a successful 2024.......................29 Editor’s Column...................................................4 News........................................................................ 5 Computer Guru....................................................8 Research & Development.................................10 Tech Talk..............................................................15 New Products......................................................32 Diary Dates..........................................................34 JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2024 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | 3

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OUR FRONT COVER SHOWS… or large gardens and serious commercial users, STIHL cemented their position as leaders in battery innovation in 2023 with the launch of the highly anticipated MSA 300 C-O: the strongest battery chainsaw worldwide, along with the new MSA 220 T arborist chainsaw and the BGA 300, a battery powered backpack blower. For home gardens, STIHL’s AK system welcomed eight new models to the range which now boasts over 15 models and counting, while the AS Battery System which includes the GTA 26, STIHL’s number one selling tool worldwide, now offers three different tools all powered by the one battery after launching the new SEA 20 handheld vacuum cleaner. Backed by over 97 years of German engineering excellence, STIHL are proud to be Australia’s #1 rated brand of garden power tools*. STIHL’s commitment to quality and innovation has led to worldwide recognition for legendary tools that truly stand the test of time. *Claim based on BIS Oxford 2023 MORE INFORMATION STIHL Australia stihl.com.au Innovation starts with STIHL ƒTHE FUTURE OF BATTERY-POWERED GARDEN TOOLS ^Claim based on BIS Oxford Report 2023. RATED BRAND # AUSTRALIA’S #1 BRAND FOR GARDEN POWER TOOLS^ Print Post Approved PP 100002231 www.power-equipment.com.au INSIDE Pivottray – Innovation on Wheels Richmond Rolling Solutions – Rolling Ahead Ride-on Mowers Volume 45 No. 1 January - February 2024 OUR FRONT COVER SHOWS… NEWS G-FORCE EVMOW RIDE-ON MOWERS SET FOR SPRING 2024 LAUNCH Spring 2024 will see the release of the new G-Force EVmow battery powered ride-on mowers suited to the Australian market. Sumec Hardware & Tools is a leading manufacture for battery powered products via its own brands such as G-Force and as a manufacture for other leading brands around the world. This gives OPE dealers the advantage of a supplier partner at the front of this advancing market and buying directly from the manufacturer and not just a local importer buying from a catalogue. The G-Force range of EVmow riders will consist of both tractor and ZT options manufactured in their own factory, their own designs and an engineering team involved hands on in the development. The advantage this gives is a more direct product sourcing (less hands feeding from the pie) and influence on the product design for local conditions (not just buying from a catalogue designed for other markets). As more and more battery product options are presented to dealers, the choice of supplier partner is important for the business. G-Force is sold exclusively to independent mower specialist markets, and not sold through hardware or tool shops. For those interested in joining the new force in the mower industry, please enquire via www.gforcetools.com.au NOXIOUS EMISSION STANDARDS HIT ANOTHER DELAY New emissions standards for diesel power equipment are still in the pipeline, with yet another delay recently announced, hot on the heels of the 2017 legislation that applied emissions standards to all petrol-fuelled power equipment, and similar non-road engines, including marine outboards. That process took 12 years and Australia was 20 years behind US and Europe (and 6 years behind China) in putting emissions standards that saw the end of two-stroke lawn mowers. The current delay is to allow one-onone discussion with Australian manufacturers, following points raised in the draft impact analysis released in May 2023. Based on the existing petrol standards, the diesel (or compression ignition) standards will follow the northern hemisphere and accept both the EU and the USA EPA standards. In an odd move, Australian Customs won’t be enforcing the standards at the border, but rather the Environment Department will employ its own enforcement unit. For this, importers will be charged a levy on the value of imports. CARBON CREDIT INCOME NOT PRIMARY MOTIVATOR FOR FARMERS In findings that could have a profound impact on the understanding of how farmers approach carbon management, research funded by AgriFutures Australia has found they are less motivated by the allure of carbon credits than the improvement to farm productivity that comes from increasing soil organic carbon. The finding challenges the notion that carbon credit income has been a primary motivator and was one of the many insights that flowed from the $2m Carbon Initiative Program, which funded 15 research projects across the country to examine barriers to carbon farming and identify practical solutions. AgriFutures Australia General Manager, Rural Futures, Michael Beer, said with more than half the land mass managed by farmers, Australia was in a unique position to sequester carbon in soils and vegetation, and avoid or reduce greenhouse gas emissions through established or novel management practices. “What the research from the Carbon Initiative Program projects has told us is there are a number of factors including perceived complexity and risk, the cost of soil sampling, not knowing which information to trust, and how information is communicated. “Multiple research projects have found that farmers are more interested in carbon farming when they know that increasing soil organic carbon has an impact on farm productivity. The potential to earn carbon credits is really just a co-benefit. This is an JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2024 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | 5

important message for decision makers and policymakers.” Some of the key outcomes and insights from the Carbon Initiative Program include: • Farmers are hungry for knowledge. Limestone Coast Landscape Board has developed educational resources and even done free soil carbon measurements for some producers, after finding farmers in the SA region are keen to learn more about carbon farming but not sure who to trust. • Confusion abounds. The Australian Farm Institute described the carbon market as a “confusopoly” for farmers so has developed an online decision-making tool to help weigh up the risks and benefits of different carbon farming options. • Economic sustainability is critical. Wimmera Development Association conducted interviews across the region and found little interest in carbon farming where the primary purpose was reducing emissions, with adoption instead driven by the search for increased productivity and profitability. • Soil health trumps carbon credits. In interviews conducted by University of Technology Sydney farmers spoke about enhancing soil carbon as a win-win for agriculture and the environment, with a tendency to cite the productivity benefits for their farming enterprise before discussing the income from carbon. • Psychological nudges. Queensland University of Technology examined carbon farming through the lens of behavioural economics and found it would only take a few documented success stories of carbon farming in each region to convince others to take up the practice. • Big companies making the switch. Common Capital found large companies are increasingly looking for low-emission farmers and suppliers and recommended farmers communicate with their value chain about carbon projects. • Rural valuers need help. Carbon Market Institute found no professional guidance for rural valuers with regard to carbon project valuation, leading to a lack of consistency and comparability. A guidance paper was developed. • How to overcome negative experiences. Interviews with landholders in Southern Queensland (home to almost a quarter of carbon projects nationwide) found negative experiences with carbon farming due to historic arrangements where conditions covered the entire property, required total destocking and contained permanence periods of 25 years or more, with researchers recommending education and promotion of arrangements which allowed limited stocking. KICKING GOALS FOR WOMEN IN TURF Talented female turf specialists from across Australia played a critical behind-thescenes role in one of the world’s biggest sporting events recently, supporting the Melbourne Rectangular Stadium team to prepare for several matches, including the Matildas’ group game against Canada. John Deere’s Women in Turf Program joined with the Australian Sports Turf Managers Association (ASTMA) and Brandt Australia, in conjunction with Melbourne & Olympic Parks to provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a group of women including apprentices through to experienced managers, selected to bring their expertise to a pitch of exacting international standards. John Deere and Brandt jointly sponsored three women who took part in the program - Sally Benwell, Superintendent of Centenary Park Golf Course and Sports Ovals at Frankston City Council; Georgie Chandler, Production Assistant at HG Turf Group; and Codi Long, an apprentice in parks and gardens for Greater Bendigo Council. Ms Benwell leads a team of 16 men responsible for maintaining 68 sporting grounds plus an 18-hole golf course. After a 23-year career working with only males, she said the Women in Turf program was a great opportunity to network with like-minded women with a passion for turf. “The program is crucial because women only make up a little over one per cent of the turf industry. It’s great to see our role being highlighted and more women being encouraged to pursue it as a career path, because it’s a very enjoyable and rewarding job. “Usually, I do my job with no-one watching, so it was quite daunting to work in a full stadium with a huge crowd. The atmosphere was amazing though, and it’s something I’ll never forget.” Ms Benwell acknowledged the invaluable mentorship of the men she has worked with over her career. “We’ve certainly come a long way, and like any industry if you work hard and take opportunities like this you can go anywhere.” John Deere launched its Women in Turf Program earlier this year at the TPS Murray River golf tournament, with six female volunteers working alongside staff at Cobram Barooga Golf Club to prepare the course for the event. NEWS 6 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2024

Aussie Pumps Australian Pump Industries 02 8865 3500 aussiepumps.com.au Distributor enquiries welcome John Deere Australia and New Zealand Golf and Sports Turf Account Manager, Tim Gammage, said the program was an important initiative to support more women joining Australia’s prosperous golf and sports turf management sector. “This was an amazing opportunity for these women to work at the highest level, preparing the turf for the best international female soccer players in the world.” Beyond line marking, repairing divots and setting up the goals, the Women in Turf program extended to producing the grass for the matches. Ms Chandler was part of the team at HG Turf involved in preparing the turf at a farm in rural Victoria and harvesting it before it was transported and planted in Melbourne Rectangular Stadium. “We used a hybrid turf made up of natural and synthetic grass, which gives a more consistently smooth surface to play on,” Ms. Chandler said With her full-time role being in parks and gardens, the Women in Turf event was Codi Long’s first exposure to sports turf management. “It was very different to my day-to-day, but a great learning experience to see everything that goes into preparing a world-class sporting field,” she said. “There’s no reason you can’t work in turf as a female,” Ms Chandler said. “It’s a very rewarding career with lots of variety. If you enjoy being outdoors in the sunshine and doing something more physical, just give it a go!” KANGAROOS COULD BE THE KEY TO REDUCING EMISSIONS With the competing demands on the red meat sector of cutting methane emissions while providing protein to a growing global population, Australian Wildlife Services has proposed a grazing system that integrates native populations of kangaroos to create low-emission meat. Founder, veterinarian and ecologist, George Wilson, an Honorary Professor at the Australian National University, said “kilogram-for-kilogram the kangaroo emits significantly less methane than sheep or cattle.” “Enteric emissions from cattle and sheep that are over a year old generate 6.3 per cent of all of Australia’s emissions,” Professor Wilson said. As the Australian red meat sector deals with the dilemma of how to increase production as global demand rises while also working to meet its pledge of being carbon neutral by 2030, AWS reports that in 2020, 4.5 million kangaroos that were part of national quota for harvest were wasted. “That number of kangaroos would produce the same amount of meat as 400,000 cattle,” Prof Wilson said. “You would not have to increase the national cattle herd and you’d save the amount of carbon equivalents which is nearly two per cent of total beef emissions,” Prof Wilson said. Prof Wilson said kangaroos could be incorporated into sheep and cattle grazing systems across Australia’s rangelands, areas typically unsuitable for cropping, with graziers given entitlements by state governments to take a specified number of the wild population. AWS colleague Dr Melanie Edwards who did much of the research and modelling, found removing livestock greater than one year old from regions with already heavy kangaroo populations such as in New South Wales (Bourke-Brewarrina, Cobar, and Far West) and Queensland (Far Southwest) could abate about 785,000 tonnes of CO2e, or about 2.4 per cent of total enteric methane emissions of livestock. NEWS JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2024 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | 7

In today's modern tech world, it has become almost human nature to notice even the slightest speed decrease when downloading from the internet, printing to a printer on the network or when sharing data. Over the next two editions, we will aim to provide you with some powerful ways to both diagnose and improve the speed of your business network, without any large financial outlay. First and foremost, the starting point of any diagnosis is to perform an internet speed test. This will determine the speed you can reach before making any changes and also gives you a baseline to compare results to, as you go through the steps we will suggest. After you get your initial results, you should compare these to the speeds you are supposed to be getting from your internet service provider (ISP). You can find this in your online account or on your internet bill. That way you know if your speeds are actually underperforming, or if it’s just time to upgrade to a faster plan. If your speeds are nowhere near to where they should be, but you find yourself running into internet speed issues, the business is most likely overwhelming your current connection. If this is the case, try the following steps as a starting point: TURN YOUR SYSTEMS, MODEM, NBN BOX AND ANY NETWORK SWITCHES OFF AND ON AGAIN Although this sounds blatantly obvious - it is definitely where to start! All componentry needs a break once in a while—but especially your modem and router. Your modem translates internet signals between your business network and the ISP. If your internet is grinding to a halt, resetting your modem is a good place to start troubleshooting. Many issues are quickly resolved with a quick and easy to perform power cycle. Your router could also benefit from a quick reset to clear its memory and give it a fresh start on tasks that were slowing it down before. It is recommended to reboot your equipment regularly—at least once a month. MOVE YOUR ROUTER TO A BETTER LOCATION Wi-Fi can travel only so far, and its signals can get interrupted or blocked by walls, floors ceilings, furniture, appliances, and basically any large physical object. They can also get interrupted by radio waves from other devices, including cordless phones, motion sensors, microwaves, and Bluetooth speakers. So, if your router is stuck in a corner of your office, you may have issues with Wi-Fi at the other end of your showroom. The best place for your router is in a central location, near where you use the internet most often. Don’t relegate your router to either the basement or cupboard—that’s just setting yourself up for connectivity issues. ADJUST YOUR ROUTER’S ANTENNAS Many routers have internal antennas— meaning that they’re built into the body of the device and you can’t adjust them. However, newer routers tend to come equipped with adjustable antennas on your router. If so, try reconfiguring them. Router antennas are usually omnidirectional, which means they send out signals in all directions surrounding the antenna. For example, a vertical antenna sends out Wi-Fi signals horizontally, and vice versa. So, if you need to stretch your Wi-Fi signals to multiple floors, adjusting an antenna to sit horizontally to spread Wi-Fi signals up and down could help. Try these tips and see if they result in a speed increase across your network for minimal effort. Continue reading in the next edition for other tips proven to make a positive difference. MORE INFORMATION Biscount Software (03) 9570-1777 sales@biscount.com.au Need for speed? COMPUTER GURU Here are some easy and quick fixes for getting turbocharged internet speeds 8 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2024

Aussie almond research hub gets $6.2m boost Delivered through Hort Innovation and led by the Almond Board of Australia, the Almond Centre of Excellence has helped fast-track industry-driven research outcomes Australian state-of-the-art research facility, the Almond Centre of Excellence, has been given a $6.2 million injection to continue supporting growers to adopt global best practices suited to their local conditions. Delivered through Hort Innovation and led by the Almond Board of Australia, the Centre in Loxton (South Australia) was originally commissioned in 2016 and has helped fast-track industry-driven research outcomes. Hort Innovation chair Julie Bird said the significant investment into the Centre demonstrates almond growers’ commitment to their future. “The almond industry has grown production from 7000 tonnes in 2002 to more than 140,000 in the 2023 season. Production is forecast to exceed 200,000 tonnes within the next five years and annual sales to exceed $1 billion,” Ms Bird said. “The Almond Centre of Excellence is shining example of how Hort Innovation works proactively with industry to prepare for the future. The Centre equips almond growers to embrace best management practices, not only in production but in sustainable farming methods.” Almond Board of Australia chief executive officer Tim Jackson said the Centre reflected the almond industry’s growing appetite for world-class research focused on Australian growing conditions. “The Australian almond industry is an industry that cooperates and shares knowledge to move forward collaboratively,” Mr Jackson said. “Our industry is based on technology imported from California where 78 per cent of the world’s almonds are produced. However, as our industry has progressed from having a research levy contribution of $70,000 in 2002/03 to well over $2 million in 2022/23 the capacity to undertake research has increased dramatically. “The focus of our research is around developing production systems better suited to Australian soils, weather conditions, improved varietals and rootstocks, and our pests and diseases rather than perpetuating the Californian production model developed for their conditions.” The Almond Centre of Excellence is home to more than $15 million in almond industry investments being delivered through Hort Innovation. Among the areas of focus for the Centre are orchard design, water management, plant nutrition, production cost management through input efficiency and pest and disease control. Soil health, new varieties, pollination and bee health, bird management, extreme weather events, product quality, food safety issues and biosecurity are also priorities. The Almond Centre of Excellence was officially opened by the Almond Board of Australia in November this year. MORE INFORMATION almondboard.org.au/events/ ace-official-opening-and-open-day RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT 10 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2024

G-Force EVmow series Sumec’s sales director Robbie Raymer explains why the G-Force EVmow series is a perfect fit for Australian conditions At this point, I am sure you are confused with all the battery offers in the market. There are more coming in and power tool companies are continuing to enter the OPE space as part of their battery expansion, along with traditional suppliers who are doing the same. SO, WHAT MAKES THE G-FORCE EVMOW SERIES DIFFERENT? The answer is simple - the product has been selected to suit Australian conditions, grass types and mowing habits. A large majority of products sold in the Australian market today have been designed for EU/USA markets, with tunnel chassis, fabric catchers, light-weight plastic decks, and the most concerning, small motors that suit thin grass types less used in Australia, and that is just with the mowers. The G-Force EVmow range has a mower chassis proven to work in Australia over many years; it has performed during La Nina growth patterns with lush thick and damp grass, it has been proven to work with El-Nino conditions where dust issues are created when we have these conditions. Unlike other parts of the world, Australians are less likely to mow weekly, so the products need to be able to perform to consumer expectations. Other suppliers require consumers to change their habits to suit EU /USA markets of regular mowing new growth, so they have minimal grass resistance. SO WHY SHOULD A DEALER STOCK THE G-FORCE EVMOW SERIES? It is exclusive to the dealer! G-Force is not sold in mass retailers, it is not sold in tool shops who are giving away in-store discount vouchers to cut you off the deal. When you sell a consumer the EVmow series, you have them captured to your business. With other brands sold in other retail chains, the consumer has a choice - you may get the initial sale, but they can go to a competitor to buy other products, again cutting you out and costing you $$$$. The G-Force EVmow series consists of a small target range of products, making it easy to stock the full offer in store, sold at competitive retailers but with profit margins like petrol products it helps secure your future…it just makes sense. The Battery – 60v 5Ah using Samsung 21700 cell technology delivering 300W/h of energy. EV LM1-18 Lawn Mower – Powered by a 1500w motor, using the same specifications used on petrol mowers, it has the power and proven performance to get the job done. You have the option to add a second battery to increase run time to 600W/h running parallel. EV LT1 Line Trimmer – Featuring an 800w brushless motor and running a 2.4mm easy load head, variable speed feature, this trimmer can be turned into multi-tool by adding a pole pruner, hedge trimmer, edger attachment and extension pole. EV B1 Blower – With its 900W brushless motor, air velocity of 288 Km/h & variable speed to make easy work of cleaning up leaves and dust or post mowing. EV CS1 Chainsaw – Powered by a 1500W brushless motor, 16” bar & 3/8 chain, with soft grip handle and 10m/s cutting speed. EV HT1 Hedge Trimmer – 400W brushless motor, 620mm cutting length & 28mm diameter, soft grip rotating handle giving both comfort and performance. MORE INFORMATION www.gforcetools.com.au PRODUCT FOCUS JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2024 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | 11

XXXX Using AI to your advantage In the last edition of P.E.A, we examined the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) – its definition, evolution, benefits, and risks. In this edition, let's take a look at its practical applications. AI – What’s available off the shelf? To consider how AI will be used in the OPE industry, let us look at what is already available off the shelf. AI software currently comes in broadly five different task types, or “flavours”. Image recognition is invaluable in any sorting task: Is this a picture of a cat? Yes or no? Though it’s probably much more useful to ask: • Is this person a known terrorist? (facial recognition) • Is that a kidney stone I see on your X-Ray? Pre-sorting medical imaging for suspected conditions, even condition that were not even under investigation. • Do the hedges need trimming? If so, automatically send an email to the gardening service. Using AI in Garden Maintenance is conducted when it is needed, saving costs and keeping gardens looking good all the time. Video analysis extracts useful information from video footage, such as counting the number of people entering a train station. By recognising the rate of arrivals, (but not departures, who would be facing away from the camera) a station manager can move resources. In this example, monitoring the door for arrivals gives extra minutes to move resources and open or close ticket counters to meet demand. Compare that to the current system, when managers react to long ques of already disgruntled passengers by opening more ticket counters. Video analysis delivers proactive rather than reactive management. In manufacturing, video analysis can continuously monitor every aspect of a production line and alert if any machinery is out of alignment, or working at an unusual pace (indicating something is wrong) before we see a catastrophic failure that can shut down production. Video analysis can also deliver Emotional Recognition of customers in a retail location or staff in a call centre or an OPE warehouse picking line. This use of machine learning using a software library such as DeepFace can alert supervisors to intervene and offer mental health breaks, slow the rate of calls, or perhaps check the temperature levels on the floor. Again, proactive management. AI technologies, especially in surveillance (facial recognition) or data processing, can pose serious ethical dilemmas regarding privacy invasion and potential misuse of personal information. Legislators are slow to catch up. As OPE management, you will need to set your own standards and communicate them clearly. Generative AI is the AI task type that seems to get the most attention. Programs like Canva can take your written request, to see a man using a lawn mower in winter, and deliver In this concluding part of a two-part series, Gary Fooks dives into the practical applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how to get the best out of it 12 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2024

XXXX an image that you can improve by redefining what you asked to see. “Draw me a picture of a man mowing a lawn in winter.” ChatGPT and Google Bard are text generating tools that can help you write, or re-write a message to staff, clients or prospective clients. It can be your HR and PR Departments, all for free. Later, I will show you how I was helped to write an email to customers, to convince them to have their OPE services during the off season. As well as images and text, AI can generate music, a voice (that sounds exactly like someone famous) which gives all of us good reason to fear deepfakes and has recently driven Hollywood actors to go on strike. They want new contracts that protect their voices and images from being AI generated by the studios and making a movie for a lot less money. Widespread AI adoption may lead to job displacement, particularly in certain sectors, raising concerns about unemployment and economic repercussions. Just like the automobile killed jobs of buggy whip manufacturers. AI will create new job roles and industries while augmenting human capabilities. It’s the retraining and friction that will hurt. The IT sector is looking after itself too by using generative AI to write computer code and design computer chips. OPE manufacturing can use generative AI to combine data from cameras, X-rays and other data to economically identify defective parts and the root causes of machine failures. AI APPLICATION – COMMUNICATIONS WITH STAFF AND CUSTOMERS You can start to use AI, today and for free. Last month's homework assignment involved signing up for an AI chatbot. Whether it's ChatGPT, Bing or Bard, engaging with these platforms provides firsthand experience. Irrespective of the chosen platform, it's essential to test its capabilities thoroughly. Move beyond basic queries; challenge the chatbot to compose a letter or draft an email, providing detailed information for better outcomes. LET'S BRIEFLY REVIEW THREE MAJOR AI CHATBOTS: Google Bard excels in productivity, offering a conversational style. However, its reliance on web data sometimes compromises information quality. Microsoft’s Bing provides more accurate responses, supporting sources and offering diverse styles. Limitations include GPT-4 usage restrictions in the free version. ChatGPT synonymous with AI, offers a free version (GPT3.5) lacking source data beyond January 2022, so may not be up to date. Despite occasional inaccuracies, its unlimited exchange feature allows for multiple ongoing conversations. I used ChatGPT 3.5, a user-friendly free version. AI serves beyond mere information retrieval; it’s akin to crafting a dynamic narrative rather than capturing a snapshot. I tasked ChatGPT with crafting an email to Gary's Mower Service customers, promoting our service department and that winter is the ideal time for planned maintenance. What I typed into ChatGPT: Write me a 200-to-300-word email to existing customers of Gary's Mower Service. The goal is to invite and encourage owners of mowers, chainsaws, and other power equipment to bring their machines in for service during the winter months, when their equipment is not being used as much. Notice that the request is long, explains what I want specifically and that I provided some reasoning and arguments, i.e. why they should bring in their machines. It is just like giving a thorough briefing to a staff member. The resulting email demonstrated industry-standard practices, emphasising the importance of off-season servicing. Our AI assistant added some of its own reasons, and even included an unspecified discount. It is showing initiative! I sent it back to my cheap assistant to try again: Can you do any better? Can you make it more appealing with fewer words? Also tell them the discount will be 20 per cent on servicing and 10 per cent on parts. In addition, ask them to call Mary or Bob on 1412 333758 to make a booking or just drop in at their convenience. Again, I just used the conversational style I would use with a staff member, but without all the thanks, how have you been, and other pleasantries humans seem to require. ChatGPT followed and even improved on my instructions without forgetting anything. It efficiently condensed the email, promoting a winter service offer with discounts and a direct call-toaction for bookings. In condensing the email, it had to cut out things that I liked, e.g. why preventative maintenance is a wise choice. Subject: Exclusive Winter Offer for Your Power Equipment! Dear Valued Customer, Winter is here, and it's the perfect time to give your power equipment the care it deserves! At Gary's Mower Service, we're excited to offer you an exclusive Winter Service Special. Unlock a 20% discount on servicing and a generous 10% off on parts! Our expert technicians are ready to ensure your mower, chainsaw, and power equipment are in top shape for when you need them. Simply call Mary or Bob at 1412 333758 to book your discounted service appointment, or feel free to drop in at your convenience. Don't miss this limited-time offer! Keep your equipment running smoothly and save big with Gary's Mower Service this winter. Thank you for choosing us to keep your equipment performing at its best! Best regards, [Your Name] Gary's Mower Service [Contact Information] [Website URL] Confidence level: High. The provided information aligns with common promotional strategies, offering a discount on servicing and parts during the offseason. OPINION JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2024 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | 13

XXXX The last sentence amuses me. ChatGPT always gives itself a report card. Is that helpful information or self-promotion? BEFORE YOU START The key to getting the best out of and AI chatbot like ChatGPT lies not in jumping straight into AI utilization but in training it to adapt to your specific style. Understanding your writing elements – voice, tone, style, and structure – is pivotal. • Voice refers to how you sound: formal or informal, use of metaphors etc. • Tone could be playful, comic, or maybe sarcastic. • Style can include the two elements above, but also refers to language and sentence structure. • Structure is all about paragraph flow, word order and part your story takes. Earlier, I wrote that teaching ChatGPT my writing style and preferences for a Power Equipment News article took a short hour. You can read a lot more about writing elements and spend hours analysing your style. Or you can get AI to do it for you by reading your past efforts. A CHECKLIST FOR TEACHING CHATGPT HOW TO WRITE FOR YOU. • Don’t tell it any personal data – it won’t be kept anyway. That’s one of its rules. • Accept that the latest information held is from the internet as of January 2022. It won’t look you up and is no use to book a flight for next month. • Start by telling ChatGPT what you want to do. Here is a script you could adapt: I would like you to write marketing emails advertising my business ‘Gary’s Mower and Chainsaws’ in Brisbane Australia that sells and services outdoor power equipment including lawn mowers, chain saws, brush cutters and pumps. First, I want you to understand my writing style based on examples I give you. You will save my writing style under GFPEN_style. After that you will ask me what the topic of my specific content is. You'll then write the emails in GFPEN_style. It then responds, in a positive tone as always “Sure.” I then enter, one by one, emails to customers I have written in the past. Most of them but leave out the ones you really hated or failed miserably. You will need at least three. ChatGPT will then come back with a few comments on your style. Check that it is close to being correct. If not ask something to change in the style. Now take it for a test run. Try my Winter service special idea or an idea of your own. You could also ask it to re-write one of your past emails. When it gives you a first draft, ask for it to be improved. You can just write “Can you make it better?” You can also add some specific directions “Add the discount is 20%” or “reduce it to 200 words”. • Lastly, embrace the AI wave to avoid being left behind. Experiment with AI tools, refine their outputs, and share your experiences – both successes and challenges. • For further insights or to share your AI experiences, kindly contact the Editor. Let's explore the evolving realm of AI together. 14 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2024

A Cut Above: GREENWORKS Pro lawnmowers GREENWORKS® Pro is revolutionising the way you look after your yard with two great lawnmowers – the RLV42M ride-on lawnmower and RZ42M zero-turn lawnmower. Both of these lawnmowers share much of the same technological advancements between them, but with some key differences. THE GREENWORKS MOW, SWAP AND GO TECHNOLOGY These mowers are fitted with the latest parallel battery operating technology – meaning that the mowers can operate off all six batteries at once or remove a few to charge and keep on mowing. All this adds up to virtually unlimited mowing throughout the day. Otherwise, a runtime of up to 2 acres once completely charged is achievable with the units. The battery compartment of the GREENWORKS ride-on and zero turn lawnmowers is located under the seat – this improves balance and centre of gravity of the machine, whilst also freeing up space in the rear of the units to allow the fitment of a storage tray area. This battery compartment features a fan to keep operating temperatures of the batteries low. The dual port chargers make short work of recharging your batteries to keep on mowing – with charging times of up to 60mins from flat to 100 per cent. The power output of the lawnmowers is equivalent to a 24hp petrol engine, meaning it has more than enough power to tackle even the harshest of lawns. The RLV42M and RZ42M are both fitted with a 42” deck. The 1.2kW brushless deck motors provide direct drive to the blades, delivering a constant blade tip speed of 17,000fpm. With a 1” spindle shaft and IPX4 rated, the deck motors are built to not only withstand, but mow in even the harshest conditions. The GREENWORKS RLV42M ride-on lawnmower features a tight turning circle of 60cm, cast iron front axle and the ability to mow on slopes up to 15 degrees. It is fitted with a limited slip differential in the rear of the unit, driven by a single brushless electric motor. The control panel has all the information the operator needs, including directional button control, cruise control, blade PTO engage and a digital display showing battery percentage, hours used and any error codes that may occur. The GREENWORKS RZ42M zero-turn lawnmower is a true zero radius mower. It features a reduction gearbox on each rear wheel, which are powered each by a 1.2kw electric motor. Coupled with the GREENWORKS Intelligent Control System Drive Control, this allows for speeds of up to 12.8km/h, whilst delivering maximum torque and traction control. GREENWORKS have been at the forefront of battery powered technology in the Outdoor Power Equipment industry since 2004 and the RLV42M and RZ42M don’t miss out on anything. Packed full of technological features such as: • GREENWORKS CAN Bus Management System – Manages all mower functions in real time, delivering the best performance and power with lightning-fast reaction times. • GREENWORKS IMS (Intelligent Motor Systems) – Brushless high-performance motors delivering the best performance and power in class. • GREENWORKS IBS (Intelligent Battery Systems) – Up to 2000 charges cycles for maximum performance and lifespan of the battery. • GREENWORKS Active EMS controlling temperature, performance and charging ability of the battery system. • GREENWORKS ICS (Intelligent Control Systems) – Blade and drive controller technologies that deliver the best performance • GREENWORKS IoT App – Both mowers feature a 4G and GPS unit allowing up to date monitoring, diagnostics and GPS locating of the lawnmowers. The RLV42M ride-on lawnmower is priced at $8,999 – ready to mow – with 6 batteries and 3 dual port chargers, whilst the RZ42M zero-turn lawnmower is priced at $10,499, also ready to mow with 6 batteries and 3 dual port chargers. Both lawnmowers are backed by GREENWORKS comprehensive warranty – 3 years on the mower and 2 years for battery and chargers and are supported by a national dealer network. The RLV42M ride-on lawnmower and RZ42M zero-turn lawnmower are packed with technological features including the ability to mow in the harshest of conditions TECH TALK

AUSTRALIAN MADE PIVOTtray offers a simple and secure solution for loading and unloading items onto a Ute tray Innovation on Wheels In the rolling landscapes of Queensland, Australia, a ground-breaking invention is taking shape, poised to change the way loads are handled in small industry transport. The PIVOTtray, a pioneering one-tonne tilt tray system, is more than just an addition to a utility vehicle; it’s a testament to Australian ingenuity and a solution to an age-old problem – ‘How to load my Ute?’ The story of PIVOTtray begins with Barry Middlebook, a hobby inventor living on a two-acre property in Mt. Tamborine, Queensland. Faced with the daunting task of moving a massive amount of dirt with just his one-tonne Ute and a shovel, Barry was inspired to create something radically new. Today, the PIVOTtray stands as a unique device, with a patent in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada. PIVOTtray is not just another piece of equipment; it's proving to be a gamechanger for Aussie businesses, contractors, tradesmen, councils, government departments and farmers. PIVOTtray provides a safe, reliable, and practical solution for loading and unloading heavy items singlehandedly. It's a product that pays for itself by saving time, and money, and, most importantly, ensuring safety. Barry's partnership with seasoned entrepreneur Paul Killgour and skilled tradesman Garry Killgour reflects a shared commitment to delivering a quality product that aim to revolutionise transport in small industries. The PIVOTtray promise is clear: an Australian-made, quality-assured product that brings the functionality of an 8-tonne tilt tray to everyday users at an affordable price. As PIVOTtray continues to make waves across Australia, it stands as a shining example of Australian innovation, poised to join the ranks of iconic inventions like the Hills Hoist Rotary Clothesline and the Combine Harvester. It's a story of perseverance, ingenuity, and the relentless pursuit of a better way – a story that begins in the heart of Queensland and stretches to every corner of the nation where hard work is valued and smart solutions are embraced. Features of the PIVOTtray include: • One-tonne tilt tray system: Designed to retrofit underneath the tray of a one-tonne single cab Ute, enhancing its utility. • Single-handed operation: Enables effortless loading and unloading without assistance. • Safe loading and unloading: Eliminates the need for hazardous ramps and reduces the risk of injury. • Versatile load capacity: Capable of handling a variety of items, including motorcycles, farm equipment, and pallet loads (depending on the payload of the vehicle) up to 1000kg. Safely loaded with the onboard winch system. Benefits of PIVOTtray: • Time and labour saving: Drastically reduces the time and effort required for loading and unloading, increasing efficiency. • Safety enhancements: Protects users from common workplace injuries associated with manual loading. • Cost-effective: Quickly pays for itself by saving time, and manpower and reducing potential injury-related and product damage costs. • Enhances versatility with smaller footprint: Perfect for tradespeople, farmers, councils, contractors, and business owners; in fact, anyone who is moving loads and equipment. • PIVOTTRAY transforms a standard Ute into a robust transport solution, negating the need for larger trucks. This offers the benefit of using a vehicle with a smaller environmental and physical footprint. • Contribution to Workplace Health and Safety: Addresses key health and safety concerns in transportation and material handling. MORE INFORMATION Visit pivottray.com.au or call (07) 5593-5358. You can also follow PIVOTtray on facebook.com/pivottray for the latest updates. 16 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2024

Get a $1000 discount on all completed purchases made before February 28, 2024 Be Quick This Offer Will Not Last 07-5593-5358 Experience the Unique Australian Innovation That’s Redefining Load Handling Considering a change in your Load Management Strategy? Key Features: • Innovative One-Tonne Tilt Tray System • Safe, Single-Handed Operation • Versatile for Multiple Load Types • No Dangerous Ramps • Australian Made and Designed Chris Walden I’ve had my Pivottray for 5 years and use it everyday in our mower shop, with 5-7 lifts a day. Absolutely love it and wouldn’t be without it. It paid for itself in the first 6 months, it’s saved time and removed any OH&S risks. Highly recommended from me. Waldosmowerdoctor.com.au PIVOTTRAY.COM.AU The only way to tilt your ute tray 07 5593-5358 Visit our website now at pivottray.com.au or call 07 5593-5358 for more information. Connect with us on Facebook and start your journey towards smarter, safer, and more efficient load handling with PIVOTTRAY. facebook.com/pivottray Isuzu Ute and PIVOTTRAY package can be purchased direct at Gold Coast Isuzu UTE call 07 5593-5358