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G-Force EVmow series Sumec’s sales director Robbie Raymer explains why the G-Force EVmow series is a perfect fit for Australian conditions At this point, I am sure you are confused with all the battery offers in the market. There are more coming in and power tool companies are continuing to enter the OPE space as part of their battery expansion, along with traditional suppliers who are doing the same. SO, WHAT MAKES THE G-FORCE EVMOW SERIES DIFFERENT? The answer is simple - the product has been selected to suit Australian conditions, grass types and mowing habits. A large majority of products sold in the Australian market today have been designed for EU/USA markets, with tunnel chassis, fabric catchers, light-weight plastic decks, and the most concerning, small motors that suit thin grass types less used in Australia, and that is just with the mowers. The G-Force EVmow range has a mower chassis proven to work in Australia over many years; it has performed during La Nina growth patterns with lush thick and damp grass, it has been proven to work with El-Nino conditions where dust issues are created when we have these conditions. Unlike other parts of the world, Australians are less likely to mow weekly, so the products need to be able to perform to consumer expectations. Other suppliers require consumers to change their habits to suit EU /USA markets of regular mowing new growth, so they have minimal grass resistance. SO WHY SHOULD A DEALER STOCK THE G-FORCE EVMOW SERIES? It is exclusive to the dealer! G-Force is not sold in mass retailers, it is not sold in tool shops who are giving away in-store discount vouchers to cut you off the deal. When you sell a consumer the EVmow series, you have them captured to your business. With other brands sold in other retail chains, the consumer has a choice - you may get the initial sale, but they can go to a competitor to buy other products, again cutting you out and costing you $$$$. The G-Force EVmow series consists of a small target range of products, making it easy to stock the full offer in store, sold at competitive retailers but with profit margins like petrol products it helps secure your future…it just makes sense. The Battery – 60v 5Ah using Samsung 21700 cell technology delivering 300W/h of energy. EV LM1-18 Lawn Mower – Powered by a 1500w motor, using the same specifications used on petrol mowers, it has the power and proven performance to get the job done. You have the option to add a second battery to increase run time to 600W/h running parallel. EV LT1 Line Trimmer – Featuring an 800w brushless motor and running a 2.4mm easy load head, variable speed feature, this trimmer can be turned into multi-tool by adding a pole pruner, hedge trimmer, edger attachment and extension pole. EV B1 Blower – With its 900W brushless motor, air velocity of 288 Km/h & variable speed to make easy work of cleaning up leaves and dust or post mowing. EV CS1 Chainsaw – Powered by a 1500W brushless motor, 16” bar & 3/8 chain, with soft grip handle and 10m/s cutting speed. EV HT1 Hedge Trimmer – 400W brushless motor, 620mm cutting length & 28mm diameter, soft grip rotating handle giving both comfort and performance. MORE INFORMATION www.gforcetools.com.au PRODUCT FOCUS JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2024 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | 11