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XXXX Using AI to your advantage In the last edition of P.E.A, we examined the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) – its definition, evolution, benefits, and risks. In this edition, let's take a look at its practical applications. AI – What’s available off the shelf? To consider how AI will be used in the OPE industry, let us look at what is already available off the shelf. AI software currently comes in broadly five different task types, or “flavours”. Image recognition is invaluable in any sorting task: Is this a picture of a cat? Yes or no? Though it’s probably much more useful to ask: • Is this person a known terrorist? (facial recognition) • Is that a kidney stone I see on your X-Ray? Pre-sorting medical imaging for suspected conditions, even condition that were not even under investigation. • Do the hedges need trimming? If so, automatically send an email to the gardening service. Using AI in Garden Maintenance is conducted when it is needed, saving costs and keeping gardens looking good all the time. Video analysis extracts useful information from video footage, such as counting the number of people entering a train station. By recognising the rate of arrivals, (but not departures, who would be facing away from the camera) a station manager can move resources. In this example, monitoring the door for arrivals gives extra minutes to move resources and open or close ticket counters to meet demand. Compare that to the current system, when managers react to long ques of already disgruntled passengers by opening more ticket counters. Video analysis delivers proactive rather than reactive management. In manufacturing, video analysis can continuously monitor every aspect of a production line and alert if any machinery is out of alignment, or working at an unusual pace (indicating something is wrong) before we see a catastrophic failure that can shut down production. Video analysis can also deliver Emotional Recognition of customers in a retail location or staff in a call centre or an OPE warehouse picking line. This use of machine learning using a software library such as DeepFace can alert supervisors to intervene and offer mental health breaks, slow the rate of calls, or perhaps check the temperature levels on the floor. Again, proactive management. AI technologies, especially in surveillance (facial recognition) or data processing, can pose serious ethical dilemmas regarding privacy invasion and potential misuse of personal information. Legislators are slow to catch up. As OPE management, you will need to set your own standards and communicate them clearly. Generative AI is the AI task type that seems to get the most attention. Programs like Canva can take your written request, to see a man using a lawn mower in winter, and deliver In this concluding part of a two-part series, Gary Fooks dives into the practical applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how to get the best out of it 12 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2024