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XXXX an image that you can improve by redefining what you asked to see. “Draw me a picture of a man mowing a lawn in winter.” ChatGPT and Google Bard are text generating tools that can help you write, or re-write a message to staff, clients or prospective clients. It can be your HR and PR Departments, all for free. Later, I will show you how I was helped to write an email to customers, to convince them to have their OPE services during the off season. As well as images and text, AI can generate music, a voice (that sounds exactly like someone famous) which gives all of us good reason to fear deepfakes and has recently driven Hollywood actors to go on strike. They want new contracts that protect their voices and images from being AI generated by the studios and making a movie for a lot less money. Widespread AI adoption may lead to job displacement, particularly in certain sectors, raising concerns about unemployment and economic repercussions. Just like the automobile killed jobs of buggy whip manufacturers. AI will create new job roles and industries while augmenting human capabilities. It’s the retraining and friction that will hurt. The IT sector is looking after itself too by using generative AI to write computer code and design computer chips. OPE manufacturing can use generative AI to combine data from cameras, X-rays and other data to economically identify defective parts and the root causes of machine failures. AI APPLICATION – COMMUNICATIONS WITH STAFF AND CUSTOMERS You can start to use AI, today and for free. Last month's homework assignment involved signing up for an AI chatbot. Whether it's ChatGPT, Bing or Bard, engaging with these platforms provides firsthand experience. Irrespective of the chosen platform, it's essential to test its capabilities thoroughly. Move beyond basic queries; challenge the chatbot to compose a letter or draft an email, providing detailed information for better outcomes. LET'S BRIEFLY REVIEW THREE MAJOR AI CHATBOTS: Google Bard excels in productivity, offering a conversational style. However, its reliance on web data sometimes compromises information quality. Microsoft’s Bing provides more accurate responses, supporting sources and offering diverse styles. Limitations include GPT-4 usage restrictions in the free version. ChatGPT synonymous with AI, offers a free version (GPT3.5) lacking source data beyond January 2022, so may not be up to date. Despite occasional inaccuracies, its unlimited exchange feature allows for multiple ongoing conversations. I used ChatGPT 3.5, a user-friendly free version. AI serves beyond mere information retrieval; it’s akin to crafting a dynamic narrative rather than capturing a snapshot. I tasked ChatGPT with crafting an email to Gary's Mower Service customers, promoting our service department and that winter is the ideal time for planned maintenance. What I typed into ChatGPT: Write me a 200-to-300-word email to existing customers of Gary's Mower Service. The goal is to invite and encourage owners of mowers, chainsaws, and other power equipment to bring their machines in for service during the winter months, when their equipment is not being used as much. Notice that the request is long, explains what I want specifically and that I provided some reasoning and arguments, i.e. why they should bring in their machines. It is just like giving a thorough briefing to a staff member. The resulting email demonstrated industry-standard practices, emphasising the importance of off-season servicing. Our AI assistant added some of its own reasons, and even included an unspecified discount. It is showing initiative! I sent it back to my cheap assistant to try again: Can you do any better? Can you make it more appealing with fewer words? Also tell them the discount will be 20 per cent on servicing and 10 per cent on parts. In addition, ask them to call Mary or Bob on 1412 333758 to make a booking or just drop in at their convenience. Again, I just used the conversational style I would use with a staff member, but without all the thanks, how have you been, and other pleasantries humans seem to require. ChatGPT followed and even improved on my instructions without forgetting anything. It efficiently condensed the email, promoting a winter service offer with discounts and a direct call-toaction for bookings. In condensing the email, it had to cut out things that I liked, e.g. why preventative maintenance is a wise choice. Subject: Exclusive Winter Offer for Your Power Equipment! Dear Valued Customer, Winter is here, and it's the perfect time to give your power equipment the care it deserves! At Gary's Mower Service, we're excited to offer you an exclusive Winter Service Special. Unlock a 20% discount on servicing and a generous 10% off on parts! Our expert technicians are ready to ensure your mower, chainsaw, and power equipment are in top shape for when you need them. Simply call Mary or Bob at 1412 333758 to book your discounted service appointment, or feel free to drop in at your convenience. Don't miss this limited-time offer! Keep your equipment running smoothly and save big with Gary's Mower Service this winter. Thank you for choosing us to keep your equipment performing at its best! Best regards, [Your Name] Gary's Mower Service [Contact Information] [Website URL] Confidence level: High. The provided information aligns with common promotional strategies, offering a discount on servicing and parts during the offseason. OPINION JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2024 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | 13