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XXXX The last sentence amuses me. ChatGPT always gives itself a report card. Is that helpful information or self-promotion? BEFORE YOU START The key to getting the best out of and AI chatbot like ChatGPT lies not in jumping straight into AI utilization but in training it to adapt to your specific style. Understanding your writing elements – voice, tone, style, and structure – is pivotal. • Voice refers to how you sound: formal or informal, use of metaphors etc. • Tone could be playful, comic, or maybe sarcastic. • Style can include the two elements above, but also refers to language and sentence structure. • Structure is all about paragraph flow, word order and part your story takes. Earlier, I wrote that teaching ChatGPT my writing style and preferences for a Power Equipment News article took a short hour. You can read a lot more about writing elements and spend hours analysing your style. Or you can get AI to do it for you by reading your past efforts. A CHECKLIST FOR TEACHING CHATGPT HOW TO WRITE FOR YOU. • Don’t tell it any personal data – it won’t be kept anyway. That’s one of its rules. • Accept that the latest information held is from the internet as of January 2022. It won’t look you up and is no use to book a flight for next month. • Start by telling ChatGPT what you want to do. Here is a script you could adapt: I would like you to write marketing emails advertising my business ‘Gary’s Mower and Chainsaws’ in Brisbane Australia that sells and services outdoor power equipment including lawn mowers, chain saws, brush cutters and pumps. First, I want you to understand my writing style based on examples I give you. You will save my writing style under GFPEN_style. After that you will ask me what the topic of my specific content is. You'll then write the emails in GFPEN_style. It then responds, in a positive tone as always “Sure.” I then enter, one by one, emails to customers I have written in the past. Most of them but leave out the ones you really hated or failed miserably. You will need at least three. ChatGPT will then come back with a few comments on your style. Check that it is close to being correct. If not ask something to change in the style. Now take it for a test run. Try my Winter service special idea or an idea of your own. You could also ask it to re-write one of your past emails. When it gives you a first draft, ask for it to be improved. You can just write “Can you make it better?” You can also add some specific directions “Add the discount is 20%” or “reduce it to 200 words”. • Lastly, embrace the AI wave to avoid being left behind. Experiment with AI tools, refine their outputs, and share your experiences – both successes and challenges. • For further insights or to share your AI experiences, kindly contact the Editor. Let's explore the evolving realm of AI together. 14 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2024