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A Cut Above: GREENWORKS Pro lawnmowers GREENWORKS® Pro is revolutionising the way you look after your yard with two great lawnmowers – the RLV42M ride-on lawnmower and RZ42M zero-turn lawnmower. Both of these lawnmowers share much of the same technological advancements between them, but with some key differences. THE GREENWORKS MOW, SWAP AND GO TECHNOLOGY These mowers are fitted with the latest parallel battery operating technology – meaning that the mowers can operate off all six batteries at once or remove a few to charge and keep on mowing. All this adds up to virtually unlimited mowing throughout the day. Otherwise, a runtime of up to 2 acres once completely charged is achievable with the units. The battery compartment of the GREENWORKS ride-on and zero turn lawnmowers is located under the seat – this improves balance and centre of gravity of the machine, whilst also freeing up space in the rear of the units to allow the fitment of a storage tray area. This battery compartment features a fan to keep operating temperatures of the batteries low. The dual port chargers make short work of recharging your batteries to keep on mowing – with charging times of up to 60mins from flat to 100 per cent. The power output of the lawnmowers is equivalent to a 24hp petrol engine, meaning it has more than enough power to tackle even the harshest of lawns. The RLV42M and RZ42M are both fitted with a 42” deck. The 1.2kW brushless deck motors provide direct drive to the blades, delivering a constant blade tip speed of 17,000fpm. With a 1” spindle shaft and IPX4 rated, the deck motors are built to not only withstand, but mow in even the harshest conditions. The GREENWORKS RLV42M ride-on lawnmower features a tight turning circle of 60cm, cast iron front axle and the ability to mow on slopes up to 15 degrees. It is fitted with a limited slip differential in the rear of the unit, driven by a single brushless electric motor. The control panel has all the information the operator needs, including directional button control, cruise control, blade PTO engage and a digital display showing battery percentage, hours used and any error codes that may occur. The GREENWORKS RZ42M zero-turn lawnmower is a true zero radius mower. It features a reduction gearbox on each rear wheel, which are powered each by a 1.2kw electric motor. Coupled with the GREENWORKS Intelligent Control System Drive Control, this allows for speeds of up to 12.8km/h, whilst delivering maximum torque and traction control. GREENWORKS have been at the forefront of battery powered technology in the Outdoor Power Equipment industry since 2004 and the RLV42M and RZ42M don’t miss out on anything. Packed full of technological features such as: • GREENWORKS CAN Bus Management System – Manages all mower functions in real time, delivering the best performance and power with lightning-fast reaction times. • GREENWORKS IMS (Intelligent Motor Systems) – Brushless high-performance motors delivering the best performance and power in class. • GREENWORKS IBS (Intelligent Battery Systems) – Up to 2000 charges cycles for maximum performance and lifespan of the battery. • GREENWORKS Active EMS controlling temperature, performance and charging ability of the battery system. • GREENWORKS ICS (Intelligent Control Systems) – Blade and drive controller technologies that deliver the best performance • GREENWORKS IoT App – Both mowers feature a 4G and GPS unit allowing up to date monitoring, diagnostics and GPS locating of the lawnmowers. The RLV42M ride-on lawnmower is priced at $8,999 – ready to mow – with 6 batteries and 3 dual port chargers, whilst the RZ42M zero-turn lawnmower is priced at $10,499, also ready to mow with 6 batteries and 3 dual port chargers. Both lawnmowers are backed by GREENWORKS comprehensive warranty – 3 years on the mower and 2 years for battery and chargers and are supported by a national dealer network. The RLV42M ride-on lawnmower and RZ42M zero-turn lawnmower are packed with technological features including the ability to mow in the harshest of conditions TECH TALK