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AUSTRALIAN MADE PIVOTtray offers a simple and secure solution for loading and unloading items onto a Ute tray Innovation on Wheels In the rolling landscapes of Queensland, Australia, a ground-breaking invention is taking shape, poised to change the way loads are handled in small industry transport. The PIVOTtray, a pioneering one-tonne tilt tray system, is more than just an addition to a utility vehicle; it’s a testament to Australian ingenuity and a solution to an age-old problem – ‘How to load my Ute?’ The story of PIVOTtray begins with Barry Middlebook, a hobby inventor living on a two-acre property in Mt. Tamborine, Queensland. Faced with the daunting task of moving a massive amount of dirt with just his one-tonne Ute and a shovel, Barry was inspired to create something radically new. Today, the PIVOTtray stands as a unique device, with a patent in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada. PIVOTtray is not just another piece of equipment; it's proving to be a gamechanger for Aussie businesses, contractors, tradesmen, councils, government departments and farmers. PIVOTtray provides a safe, reliable, and practical solution for loading and unloading heavy items singlehandedly. It's a product that pays for itself by saving time, and money, and, most importantly, ensuring safety. Barry's partnership with seasoned entrepreneur Paul Killgour and skilled tradesman Garry Killgour reflects a shared commitment to delivering a quality product that aim to revolutionise transport in small industries. The PIVOTtray promise is clear: an Australian-made, quality-assured product that brings the functionality of an 8-tonne tilt tray to everyday users at an affordable price. As PIVOTtray continues to make waves across Australia, it stands as a shining example of Australian innovation, poised to join the ranks of iconic inventions like the Hills Hoist Rotary Clothesline and the Combine Harvester. It's a story of perseverance, ingenuity, and the relentless pursuit of a better way – a story that begins in the heart of Queensland and stretches to every corner of the nation where hard work is valued and smart solutions are embraced. Features of the PIVOTtray include: • One-tonne tilt tray system: Designed to retrofit underneath the tray of a one-tonne single cab Ute, enhancing its utility. • Single-handed operation: Enables effortless loading and unloading without assistance. • Safe loading and unloading: Eliminates the need for hazardous ramps and reduces the risk of injury. • Versatile load capacity: Capable of handling a variety of items, including motorcycles, farm equipment, and pallet loads (depending on the payload of the vehicle) up to 1000kg. Safely loaded with the onboard winch system. Benefits of PIVOTtray: • Time and labour saving: Drastically reduces the time and effort required for loading and unloading, increasing efficiency. • Safety enhancements: Protects users from common workplace injuries associated with manual loading. • Cost-effective: Quickly pays for itself by saving time, and manpower and reducing potential injury-related and product damage costs. • Enhances versatility with smaller footprint: Perfect for tradespeople, farmers, councils, contractors, and business owners; in fact, anyone who is moving loads and equipment. • PIVOTTRAY transforms a standard Ute into a robust transport solution, negating the need for larger trucks. This offers the benefit of using a vehicle with a smaller environmental and physical footprint. • Contribution to Workplace Health and Safety: Addresses key health and safety concerns in transportation and material handling. MORE INFORMATION Visit pivottray.com.au or call (07) 5593-5358. You can also follow PIVOTtray on facebook.com/pivottray for the latest updates. 16 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2024