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COMPANY PROFILE Rolling Ahead Richmond Rolling Solutions offer a new range of rugged lawn and garden replacement wheels A hard-working and reliable Ride-on lawn mower and the ever-popular Ride-on Zero Turn range of mowers are essential for any gardening business or homeowner looking to regularly maintain their lawns. However, there are a wide range of potential issues that affect the performance of your favourite equipment, including the wear and tear on your tyres. Richmond Rolling Solutions have identified that mower deck wheels are subjected to a hard work life. They frequently fail due to impact, tread wear, bearing failure and in the case of pneumatic tyres constant punctures caused by cuts and slashes from foreign objects being thrown from the blades. These problems can quickly lead to poor steering and overall control, vibrations, or a bumpy ride to name a few, slowing down your job and potentially costing your business a significant amount of money. Instead of waiting for a custom tyre replacement for your mower or your agricultural equipment, Richmond Rolling Solutions has manufactured a new range of rugged lawn and garden replacement wheels. WHAT ARE THE MAIN BENEFITS OF THESE MOWER TYRES? • The smooth tread is ideal for Ride-on Zero Turn mowers as it allows effortless turning without damaging your turf surface. • Complete wheel assembly with tyre, hub, bearing, and axle allows you to quickly replace your damaged wheel. • Strong semi-pneumatic / puncture resistance rubber tyre on a powder coated steel hub delivers outstanding performance. • High quality taper roller bearings to withstand heavy duty mowing applications and rough terrain. • Suitable for a variety of ride on lawn mowers and the ever-popular Ride-on Zero Turn range of mowers, with a range of wheel diameters (275mm-350mm) and axle diameters (½” and ⅝”). NO MORE DOWNTIME ON THE JOB Richmond’s latest collection of semipneumatic / puncture resistance rubber wheels eliminates downtime and ensures you can continue your mowing without unnecessary delays. With fast shipping across Australia, you can ensure you always have a spare tyre on hand. SIMPLE AND EASY DIY INSTALLATION The new range has been specifically designed to make it easy for you to replace your faulty wheel. This means you can handle the replacement yourself without having to pay for a professional to do the job. DON’T SACRIFICE ON QUALITY OR PERFORMANCE This growing range of replacement wheels come at a more competitive price point compared to custom options. By choosing these semi-pneumatic / puncture resistance tyres, you can save on costs without sacrificing quality or performance. ROUTINE MAINTENANCE MADE EASY These semi-pneumatic / puncture resistant wheels can be an ideal ‘in between’ solution if you do go ahead and order a custom replacement. Not only does it mean your mower isn’t sitting on the back of your vehicle or in the garage for weeks on end, but you can have confidence these wheels will still perform to a professional standard. A ONE-STOP LAWN AND GARDEN WHEEL REPLACEMENT SPECIALIST Richmond’s new collection of semipneumatic / puncture resistant rubber wheels give you flexibility and freedom to quickly upgrade your lawn mowing and agricultural pieces of equipment without any unnecessary stress or cost. For a busy gardening or lawn mowing business, the convenience of having these tyres can reduce any delays and ensure you finish every job on time for customers. A TRUSTED NAME FOR OVER 65 YEARS Richmond Rolling Solutions custom designed and engineered rolling solutions are used across nearly every major industry in Australia and New Zealand, with 1000s of businesses relying on our products to safely move goods every day. MORE INFORMATION www.richmondau.com 20 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2024