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The importance of aeration For those looking to keep their lawns lush, neat and tidy, the new RLA 240 battery scarifier by STIHL is sure to impress Attention lawn lovers, this one’s for you! Introducing the new RLA 240, the first scarifier to join the STIHL range powered by the AK battery system. The RLA 240 gives you the option of either scraping the turf using the scarifying attachment for better aeration, or combing the dead grass and moss out of your lawn, also known as dethatching, using the aerator roller. Simply attach the tool you need in a few simple steps, adjust the working depth using the infinitely adjustable scale, and away you go. Aerating your lawn has a number of benefits, and is done using robust, fixed blades. Loosening compacted soil will help the roots grow nice and deep, increasing the density of your lawn, and giving it that lush, full look. Aeration also allows moisture and nutrients to reach the roots, which is especially important year-round. Scarifying removes the ‘thatch’ - dead plant material that builds up over time - with pick tines. While a small amount of thatch can be good for the lawn, holding in moisture and heat when required, it can also be detrimental by blocking sunlight, moisture and nutrients from reaching the roots. The best time to scarify the lawn is during spring and autumn, when your lawn has the potential to grow and recover. Mаkе sure you don’t start too early in spring as the grass nееdѕ tо grow nicely beforehand. If you’re doing this in autumn, wait until the harsh temperatures of summer are behind you. PREPARE YOUR LAWN Planning ahead is it important if you want to rejuvenate your lawn. Give your lawn a cut a week or so before you plan to scarify it so it doesn’t go into complete shock when you do so. This will also allow the soil to dry out slightly beforehand. This is also a good time to aerate your lawn so that it is able to absorb any moisture or fertiliser are scarifiying. LAWN MAINTENANCE 22 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2024