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Australian Pump Industries 02 8865 3500 aussiepumps.com.au Distributor enquiries welcome It is recommended that you scarify whеn thе ѕоіl is moderately wet but with a touch-dry surface. If you’re ever unsure of what’s happening under your soil surface, simply take a small spade and make a divot in your lawn, lifting a small portion of dirt so you can assess the soil. Do this in a less visible, low-traffic location. If you have any large, visible weeds, remove them beforehand. Do not use any weedkiller at this point as scarifying will disrupt the weedkilling process, so it will be a waste of your time and efforts. Mow your lawn again the day beforehand so it is nice and short, ready for the scarifier the following day. AFTERCARE After you have scarified and aerated your lawn, it will need a lot of TLC over the following weeks and even months. Your lawn will need warmth, sun and moisture at this point, so here’s hoping the weather gods are on your side and you’ve timed this project perfectly. Apply a wetting agent shortly afterwards, and treat your lawn to a feed suitable for your lawn type. Remember to give it a big drink regularly if you aren’t experiencing any rain, and to keep the foot traffic to a minimum to allow it to recover. LAWN MAINTENANCE Now that you have a brand-new lawn, regular lawn maintenance will keep it looking lush and green. Shortly after scarifying, when your lawn looks ready and you can see new growth, mow it lightly and frequently. This will encourage growth and keep it healthy and thriving. During winter, you can give your lawn a rest and only give it a mow as required, but be sure to keep on top of your edges. A quick tidy is sometimes all your need to get it back to looking neat. LAWN MAINTENANCE JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2024 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | 23