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Extreme heat, drought and water restrictions in the summer prove to be challenging for landscapers. The internationally regarded landscaping technology by Kress gives landscapers a revolutionary experience with its outdoor power equipment (OPE). Kress is a global transformation leader in battery-powered lawn and garden commercial maintenance equipment. Its platform will power a full line of Kress commercial outdoor equipment that includes backpack blowers, grass trimmers, edgers, chainsaws and hedge trimmers, as well as walk-behind mowers, with a strong roadmap of future releases that landscapers will be excited about. Unprecedented weather patterns are creating cause for concern with the environment, and Kress is addressing these challenges head on. With its commitment to a zero-emission future for the landscape maintenance industry, the brand has designed its unique CyberPack™ battery technology to make the transition from petrol to battery-powered OPE sustainable. This benefits not just the productivity and profitability of the operator, but also as importantly, the environment. Dealers can benefit from great savings while switching from petrol to battery power and provide landscapers with the opportunity to maintain a healthy environment. During the summer, it is just as important to maintain green spaces, especially in dry conditions. Using trimmers and brush cutters in addition to lawn mowers to maintain lawns serves beyond aesthetic appeal. It can also help stimulate growth and sustain a grass area’s health. The new KC170.9 Commercial 60V 42cm Brush Cutter and KC200.9 Commercial 60V 61cm Hedge Trimmer from Kress are must haves for any summer landscaping toolkit. Both products provide professionals with a powerful and durable solution for extended run times during the longest trimming days, with the option of using the KAC900 Battery Backpack Harness for lightweight operation. The Kress-built motors deliver exceptional power levels that rival petrolpowered products. The Kress technology comes with market-leading commercial warranties of 5 years for tools, and 8 years for CyberPack™ Batteries and the CyberTank™ (with extended warranty). For professional landscapers, reliability and peace of mind is everything. The Kress commercial range certainly delivers on that front. Transitioning to sustainable landscaping will benefit a business in several ways. Carbon footprint and operating costs can be drastically reduced with its 8-minute fast-charging feature (when charging using the CyberTank™), a market-leading number of battery charge cycles, as well as guaranteed ROI for switching to the Kress CyberSystem™ from your existing petrolpowered or traditional battery equipment. By switching to Kress, landscapers can reduce emissions of toxic pollutants, create a quieter soundscape, save costs on fuel and maintenance, increase productivity with reduced downtime and ensure better working conditions for their workforce. It’s time for sustainable practices in landscaping to make its mark. MORE INFORMATION To find out more on Kress products or to become a Kress specialist dealer, visit www.kress.com/en-au/ PRODUCT FOCUS Revolutionising landscaping CyberPack™ battery technology by Kress to make the transition from petrol to battery-powered OPE sustainable JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2024 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | 27