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a balanced work-life challenging. “I work a lot of hours to make this happen but I love what I am doing and I am working for the bigger picture,” she says. THE KEY TO SUCCESS For a business like theirs that has been recognised multiple times, what does it take to have a successful business, especially in their area? “Passion, drive, a sense of humour and an ability to invent,” answers Kelly as she goes on to add, “As we are always having new produce roll in, I always need to be ready to imagine a new product to use that food. It’s fun and exciting to always have something new going on in the business.” And when it comes to customer satisfaction, Kelly’s mantra is clear – “quick deliveries, tasty food and a willingness communicate and to solve any small issue as they arise.” Kelly and her team have also built a range of “very well received” customer resources including recipe cards and cooking tips. IT’S ALL ABOUT TEAMWORK While Kelly owns the business, she is supported by an able team, one she is very proud of. “Al is our production manager and tasting and sales rep. He has been with us 20 months. Bridget runs the packing area and has been with us for eight months. She keeps tabs on ingredient levels, makes sure food is packed as required and has recently completed a Certificate III in Food Processing with me. Dee is one of our casual staff members. She has been with me for over three years, back when I was still running form home. Bailee has been with us for a couple of weeks. She is a junior working through the school holidays,” informs Kelly. DID COVID-19 HAVE AN IMPACT ON THE BUSINESS? “Yes, we had more people looking for our products online,” says Kelly. “Initially, it made it impossible to run my then, markets stall business. The main reason I changed the structure of my business to wholesale was because COVID-19 happened and closed down the option to do markets. I guess you can say I am grateful for the pandemic.” NEW LAUNCHES Over the last year, the company has invested in a number of machines that have increased their productivity. “I see my business growing from strength-to-strength especially when we launch ‘Sphiker’, a new product brand. The sustainability message this one brings is huge right now. It is on trend and it’s a very good product,” explains Kelly. “Dehydrating is a time-consuming practice so this is important to enable us to keep up with demand moving into the future. I see the Sphiker brand being the thing that will build us a lasting legacy as it is super sustainable, all Australian and home compostable,” informs Kelly. “It offers single and double serve meals for adventurers. Hikers, cyclists and sailors love them and we want to take over Australia with them,” she says. LOOKING AHEAD “I believe all the hard work we have done over the last 12 months, and particularly growing during the pandemic, bushfires and floods has set us up for a stellar 2024,” says Kelly. “I think everything is now in place to take us to the next level. I have good business prospect, great contacts, my foot in the door as several large retailers and a solid delivery schedule…you will be seeing our products on a shelf near you soon,” Kelly wraps up. JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2024 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | 31