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“This is the only commercial product where you can make the switch – say as a landscaper – without compromise. So, no compromise on power, no compromise to your business or to your health, and no compromise to your financials,” Mr. De Courcy said. The Kress program is perfectly placed to support government and commercial organisations making the switch to more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives and solutions, including those that have already set deadlines to that change. Mr. Gao said landscaping and gardening professionals are still primarily choosing petrol because battery products are often not powerful enough to complete a professional landscaping or gardening project. “The durability and run time of the new Kress products is like nothing that has ever been launched before. All Kress commercial products have a 5-year commercial warranty because they are built to such a high standard, along with an added 8-year warranty for the new CyberTank™ and CyberPack™ batteries. This is in comparison to the standard sixmonth warranty issued with petrol products that usually have a life span of two to three years if properly supported,” Mr. Gao said. Kress has already evaluated the products for the past eight months in Australian conditions by allowing two Jim’s Mowing franchisees to use and compare the products to their petrol powered equipment. Both crews said they did not want to switch back to petrol products because of the added cost and time it took to continually re-fill and support petrol equipment, as well as time constraints on those products in noise-sensitive areas. The franchisees said the power of the Kress products was unprecedented, “with the new Kress backpack blower often clearing wet leaves in a council garden in record time”. The newly launched backpack blower is often described as the biggest game changer within the range because users never expected to see such power or run time in a battery powered blower. Mr De Courcy said, “Jim’s Mowing teams found that the productivity of the Kress blower in comparison to a 70 CC backpack petrol blower was over 50 percent more productive.” “This is for two reasons. The volume of air that is delivered is impressive, but mostly they found that the power of the blower is immediate. When using the Kress model, they only had to blow the leaves off a driveway once and then move on to the next house, however using a petrol blower often required them to go across that driveway 2-3 times to achieve the same removal of debris.” “Not only is the Kress blower significantly more productive but it also never runs out of power. It is also better for the employees because there is less noise, less emissions, and less vibration as well. When we talk about this whole idea of this product launch being a game changer, this is why this is a once-in-a-lifetime moment in the industry, and again why there is no compromise,” Mr. De Courcy said. DEMONSTRATION DAY A demonstration day was held during the Australian launch which saw every Kress battery product tried and evaluated by dealers from around the country. While all were impressed by the power of the products, most were captivated by the new Kress lawn mowers which boast a 6.4 kilometre an hour maximum self-propelled speed, as well as the chainsaw, which proved its powerful 24m/s chain speed, particularly when the commercial battery was in use. Dealers said it was exciting to see a battery-powered product on the market that did not force the user to compromise on how hard they worked while also delivering a great level of excitement in the industry. When it comes to switching from petrol to battery-powered products, Mr. Gao said even if garden professionals already have a full petrol setup, it is still worth their while to switch to the full battery platform at once. “Every day you do not make the change will cost you money. You can pretty much put all your petrol equipment into whichever recycling department you like and work with our staff so you can start putting money into your pocket at this moment. Every day that you do not make the change costs you money.” “When you use our system, the running cost is unbelievably cheap because you are only using electricity for power. But when you are running petrol products the cost is high because there is not only the cost of petrol but also the cost of oil, servicing and supporting the products as well. The time and money needed to use petrol-powered products is substantially higher than if you use battery-powered products,” Mr. Gao said. For now, marketing the power and durability of the new Kress OPE and battery platform is all about getting commercial users and garden professionals to use the products so they can feel the power for themselves. “We will run demonstrations and aid dealers in presenting demonstration days so end-users can try the products for themselves. By doing this we will most certainly gain a good reputation in the industry for how dependable and powerful new Kress products are,” Mr. Gao said. To learn more about the launch of the game-changing battery platform and coinciding OPE range visit: www.kress.com/en-au/ JULY - AUGUST 2023 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | 15