Power Equipment Australasia

RATO generators: Robust, reliable…and super quiet! RATO’s impressive range of generators lead the way with features like compact size, durable casing, a high output 4 stroke engine and eco throttle function, which means when there is low or no load the engine will idle down conserving fuel, thus reducing emissions and noise. TECH TALK All RATO generators have built-in USB ports for charging your phone, laptop or music player and have a low oil alarm. They are also covered by a comprehensive warranty (For domestic - 2 years/500 hour and commercial - 1 year/500 hours) and a nationwide dealer network, so wherever you are, help is close at hand. RATO has a huge range of both open-frame and fully-enclosed quiet models from 1.1kw to 9kw inverter range. The enclosed silent models also have parallel-in capabilities (using RATO parallel cable). The massive R8500-D3 8.5-kilowatt industrial unit is ideal for the industrial worksite and will effortlessly power most industrial equipment including welders, drills, grinders etc. With a 32amp outlet and 15amp outlet, it will suit any situation. Also included on this unit is an RCD (residual current device) for ultimate safety on any worksite. The benefits of inverter power is that this type of power resembles what is available from our mains system and is reliable for powering sensitive items such as laptop computers, television, mobile phones and all home appliances etc. Inverter generators also consume up to 40 per cent less fuel than a traditional alternator type generator, due to the lighter load and eco idle down feature. All RATO generators, from R3000iE up, also come with electric start as a standard feature. With several new models coming soon, the range will be complete with new slim line silent generators. The new R2000iS-6 is 50mm shorter and a huge 4.5kg lighter than the existing R2000iS. Also new to range is the R3100iE. It’s a massive 85mm shorter and 120mm thinner with a whopping weight loss of 18kg! It boasts big power in a compact and robust unit for the purpose of fitting into most caravan cavity storage areas. RATO’s new to range include five, all-new, enclosed silent inverter machines - 2kw, 3 kw, 3.8 kw, 5kw and 8kw. In open-frame inverter models, there are three new models - 4kw, 5kw and a whopping 9kw. RATO inverter generators can be used to power everything from around the home, camping, events, building, construction et al. Even in emergency power-loss situations, they produce high quality pure sine wave power in a very rugged compact and portable unit. The build quality is also premium. RATO also have three portable battery power stations recently added to the range. The RT300 can power and recharge a smart phone around 20 times, a tablet around 10 times and run a car fridge for around 4-5 hours. The unit can be charged by a wall charger in 5-6 hours, with optional solar panel around 4-5 hours or even by the power outlet in your vehicle in 8-9 hours. The RT600 can power and recharge a smart phone around 37 times, a tablet around 18 times and run a car fridge for around 10.5 hours. It can also be charged by a wall charger (9-10 hours), the optional solar panel (7-8 hours) and by the power outlet in your vehicle (14-15 hours). The largest, the RT1000, can power and recharge a smart phone around 73 times, a tablet around 32 times and run car fridge for around 18 hours. Again, charging is by a wall charger in (10-11 hours), optional solar panel (10-11 hours) or power outlet in your vehicle (19-21 hours). All portable power stations come with USB ports, AC power outlet, 12V car style outlet and a DC outlet. An optional extra solar panel for charging is also available and with a 24-month warranty, you can’t go wrong with RATO.