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PRODUCT LAUNCH Honda eGX: Efficient & Eco-conscious The world’s largest and most trusted engine maker have launched their first advanced electrified power unit. Honda have developed the eGX, an Electric Power Unit boasting zero emission, low vibration, low noise and easy operation/maintenance. The demand for DC battery equipment has increased in recent years due to the enhanced environmental regulations, worker protection and awareness of noise pollution in various environments. Honda now offers the standard created by the GX Engine but with a DC Power Pack that is available in two variations, Integrated and Separate. Integrated anti-vibration type: It is assumed the Integrated Type variation will replace the GX120 Engine. It provides an internal anti-vibration structure with separate control box. It is ideal for use in heavy duty equipment such as plate compactors, tillers and commercial Turf equipment. Separate type: The Separate type variation makes mounting to equipment possible and assumes the replacement of the GX100 Engine. The control panel is integrated, and the layout options are highly flexible. Ideal for use in construction equipment such as a Rammers, Sweepers and other Vertical shaft applications. The Easy Start-up of the engine makes operating simple by pressing POWER in Step 1 and START in Step 2. The Tough Cube Design ensures it can be used on construction sites without worrying about the handling and the blue graphic design clearly signifies electric power, setting it apart from other engines. OEMs have been producing DC Models in the heavy-duty market, one of the key elements of the Honda Brand, but a DC power pack that can replace engines has yet to exist until now. Honda’s response to electrification now provides OEMs with a solution that will minimise investment on engine electrification. Honda provides the infrastructure, batteries and chargers, so the burden on OEM development can be reduced. The new motor has been designed for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the heavy-duty industry who want to provide battery-powered options to their customers. Honda engineering and testing, coupled with quality manufacturing and system integration, give OEMs easy entry to the battery-powered market without investing in the engineering and funding required to develop their own motors. Honda Power Equipment has a distinct advantage in the development of new products by drawing upon the R&D and technological investments from other products and parts of the company. For example, the new Honda eGX motor is a highpower, three-phase brushless DC power unit designed for maximum performance and reliability. Much of the insulation and coiling technology from Honda generators is built into the Honda eGX, producing a high efficiency motor. The extra efficiency allows the user to do more work with less battery power. The Battery Pack contains the Battery Management System (BMS) and Battery Cell. Lithium ion is used for the battery cell to ensure high output with improved dustproof and waterproof performance. The BMS communicates with the charger and always monitors the battery during operation and charging to secure safe performance and battery durability. A durable frame is used for the charger with a built-in cooling fan to enable faster charging. OEMs will welcome Honda’s advancement in engine electrification and the opportunity given to contribute to global environmental protection with the same durability, quality and reliability you’d expect from a Honda engine. JULY - AUGUST 2023 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | 29