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Kress Commercial 60V 35 N Backpack Blower Kress has launched the Kress Commercial 60V 35 N Backpack Blower to commence its introduction of leading battery powered commercial landscaping tools into the Australian market. It is the only cordless commercial blower solution for professional use on the market. Benefits of the product include extreme power (4 speeds plus cruise control), a low 62Db noise level (@15m), LED control panel, an IPX4 waterproof design, and an elevated ergonomic comfort level. With a revolutionary 60v CyberPack and 8-minute CyberSystem charging system, alleviates concerns about being short on power for those landscapes that require extensive clean-up. The system can recharge each 60v CyberPack to 100% charge in only 8 minutes, the fastest recharge of any commercial battery system. The added power output allows the blower to meet or exceed the same performance as most commercial petrol machines but with zero harmful emissions. MORE INFORMATION Kress www.kress.com/en-au/ With a power range below 19 kW (25 hp), the KSD (Kohler Small Displacement) Series provides a compact solution for a variety of applications. One of the key highlights of the KSD engines is their versatility, as they can seamlessly integrate into existing machine platforms without requiring any major redesigning. The engines are electronically managed, offering the convenience of modern technology while maintaining user-friendly operation comparable to mechanical engines. The advanced fuel system of the KSD engines enables precise fuel metering and exceptional load response, resulting in enhanced productivity. Additionally, the engines can be easily switched for use in gensets, providing further flexibility. What sets the Kohler KSD engines apart is their state-of-the-art architecture, combining an indirect injection system with electronic management typically found in direct injection engines. MORE INFORMATION EPG Engines www.epgengines.com.au The RLA 240 is a lightweight, batterypowered scarifier and is the latest tool to join STIHL’s growing AK battery system which is growing each season. Scarifiying your lawn is a great way to get the healthy, lush lawn you want in your garden, and the RLA 240 makes achieving that even easier. Quiet with low vibrations, this battery-powered scarifier is also simple to use and easy to manoeuvre. It comes with both verticutter and dethatcher attachments as standard, making it easy to remove built-up thatch and moss from your lawn. To make it even more comfortable to use, the handlebar is height-adjustable and foldable too, for easy storing. MORE INFORMATION STIHL www.stihl.com.au Kohler Small Displacement Series STIHL RLA 240 NEW PRODUCTS 32 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | JULY - AUGUST 2023