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When it comes to prolonged use in tough conditions, the weight of your chainsaw makes all the difference. With its lightweight, compact design, the STIHL MS 462 C-M chainsaw ensures maximum ease of use in all cutting situations. Weighing just 6kg and featuring a lighter flywheel with a smaller diameter, the MS 462 C-M is a felling saw and pruning saw rolled into one. Reduced gyroscopic force makes for optimal handling and energy efficient work. Tested all over the world under a range of challenging conditions, the MS 462 C-M passed with flying colours every time. This included rigorous use on Eucalyptus Swamp Gum in Tasmania, cutting up old hardwood logs in Queensland and working in sandy forests in Western Australia. Visit your local STIHL Dealer to find out more about the exceptional STIHL MS 462 C-M Chainsaw. MAKES LIGHT WORK WHEN EVERY GRAM COUNTS ƒ MS 462 C-M CHAINSAW