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The importance of Content and Keeping it Simple In my recent Marketing article I talked about the Top 5 Marketing Trends to consider for 2022 and in particular delved into topic number one as below – The Importance of collecting accurate customer data. 1. Collect Accurate Customer Data 2. Keep it Simple 3. Embrace Personalisation 4. Elevate the hybrid experience 5. Purpose Today I’m going to take a deepdive into the second topic where we hone further into the importance of content and keeping it simple. Digital transformation has changed the world in almost every possible way. In the world of marketing , content marketing is considered as the base of a successful digital marketing campaign. This is because behind every successful brand there exist heaps of valuable and relevant content that deeply connects with the target audience of that business, so now more than ever, content delivered simply and effectively is fundamentally important. There is a greater need for simplicity and clarity in conveying messages as customers have become interested in high quality and unique content, however the amount of information available can be overwhelming. Customers are now looking for a unique approach to solving their needs and a personal experience and recommendation. Quality has become more important and so poor quality content will become increasingly annoying and consumers will tolerate it less. The approach needs to be longer and more educational content through blog posts and articles which are an excellent tool for SEO and thought leadership. It is much better to create higher quality content less frequently, than to be serving unengaging or overly complex content. WHY IS CONTENT IMPORTANT? The benefits of content marketing are not just limited to attracting customers and increaseing sales, but there are also other advantages which cannot be measured in terms of revenue. Some of these advantages are obtaining quality backlinks, building relationships with your customers, educating the target customer base, or generating leads to your business, content marketing will help you in all. Due to all these factors, the growth of content marketing has been explosive and is expected to gain more demand in the upcoming years. Research demonstrates that quality content can also generate some positive ROI for your business, as these content marketing stats demonstrate: • Content marketing brings in 3X as many leads as traditional marketing and costs 62% less. • SMBs that use content marketing get 126% more leads than those that don’t. • 61% of online purchases are the direct result of a customer reading a blog. • Companies that publish 16+ blog posts per month get 3.5X more traffic than those that post four or fewer posts per month. Content equals business growth. Some content creation examples include having a blog, podcasts, videos, educational articles and graphics. WHY KEEP CONTENT SIMPLE? The rewards for achieving simplicity in your high quality content yields many benefits including the below: IT BUILDS BRAND CREDIBILITY Brand credibility often begins with the publication of strategic online content. Most often, this includes optimizing your website for search and creating helpful, MARKETING 24 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | MARCH - APRIL 2022