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MAINTENANCE Chainsaw maintenance with STIHL Saw-dust, dirt and excess bar-lube can quickly limit the effectiveness of your chainsaw. Knowing how to properly clean it is a key component of chainsaw care. WHY DO I NEED TO CLEAN MY CHAINSAW? Every time you use your chainsaw, plant remnants, sap and resin get stuck to the chain, the cutting teeth get slightly blunter, and dust accumulates in the individual engine components. Without cleaning, over time these unavoidable impacts will accrue and inhibit the functionality of the chainsaw. HOW TO CLEAN A CHAINSAW 1. SAFETY FIRST Ensure that the chainsaw is switched off and cannot start up while you clean it. This means: • If you have an electric chainsaw, unplug it. • For a battery chainsaw, remove the battery and apply the chain brake. • For a petrol chainsaw, switch off the 12 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | MARCH - APRIL 2024