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PRODUCT FOCUS CUTTING EDGE: KC200.9 COMMERCIAL 60V 63CM HEDGE TRIMMER Kress has launched a true commercial battery solution for landscaper use in hedge trimming. Ideal for professionals seeking a powerful, durable, and lightweight solution for extended run times even on the longest hedge trimming days. With a 63cm blade length, 3,200 rpm cutting speed, 38mm tooth spacing, rear rotating handle, dual-sided laser cut German steel blades and a built-in LED control panel, the Kress KC200.9 Hedge Trimmer will slice through any hedge trimming needs. The Kress-built brushless motor provides exceptional power levels that will rival petrol-powered products. With a revolutionary battery and charger CyberSystem™, there are no concerns about downtime, or being short on power for those longest hedge rows. IPX4 water resistance ensures the weather will not interrupt your hedgetrimming operations. REVOLUTIONISING BRUSH CUTTING: KC170.9 COMMERCIAL 60V 42CM BRUSH CUTTER Kress has once again raised the bar in the realm of commercial brush cutters with the ground-breaking KC170.9. Unveiling the revolutionary CyberPack™ battery solution, this brush cutter redefines industry standards by delivering the equivalent power of a 30cc petrol unit. What sets it apart is the remarkable 8-minute CyberSystem™ charging system*, guaranteeing a consistently reliable power supply for lawns of all sizes. This innovation not only showcases the brand's commitment to cutting-edge technology but also eradicates the dependence on traditional petrol sources. The KC170.9 boasts a brushless motor, built-in LED control panel, quick-load trimmer line capability, 3-speed settings and IPX4 water resistance features, combining to create a robust and durable solution suitable for projects of varying sizes and under diverse weather conditions. The inclusion of an adjustable magnesium tower set elevates user control, ensures optimal comfort during operation, and facilitates compact storage, setting an entirely new benchmark for commercial brush cutting efficiency. Unlocking the true potential of these cutting-edge tools is the Kress 8-minute CyberSystem™, presenting users with up to 10 times the battery life, double the power output and absolute zero downtime. This significant leap towards zero-emission tools is strengthened by Kress' market-leading commercial extended warranties – an impressive 5 years for tools and an unprecedented 8 years for both CyberPack™ batteries and the CyberTank™.** Making the switch to Kress not only marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of OPE but also presents professional landscapers and arborists with an opportunity to make a positive environmental impact. By choosing Kress, you can significantly reduce emissions of toxic pollutants, foster a quieter soundscape, save costs on fuel and maintenance, increase productivity with reduced downtime and ensure better working conditions for your workforce. It is time for change, and with Kress, you have the power to be that change. MORE INFORMATION Kress www.kress.com/en-au/ *When using the Kress CyberTank™ for charging **CyberTank™: 5 + 3 years on customer registration^ or 1200 + 800 Charge Cycles; whichever comes first. CyberPack™: 5 + 3 years on customer registration^ or 2000 + 1000 Charge Cycles; whichever comes first. 2 + 3 Years on customer registration^ or 400 + 600 Hours; whichever comes first. ^ Online registration at www.kress.com/en-au/ within 30 days of purchase. MARCH - APRIL 2024 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | 19