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KOHLER KSD Engines: The complete package EPG Engines, Australia’s leading KOHLER distributor and innovative power solution provider has announced the launch of the next level of engine technology - the KOHLER KSD Engine range Imagine a world where energy is effortlessly harnessed, and where reliability and efficiency seamlessly blend together. The KSD engine brings that vision to life, now ready to be embraced, shared, and amplified. Every detail has been meticulously crafted, embodying KOHLER’s commitment to unrivalled quality and unyielding durability - even in the harshest environments. Designed to be compliant with all global exhaust emissions norms and compatible with all non-road machines, the KSD Series is one of the most awarded engines ever, winning ‘DIESEL of the Year’ by DIESEL magazine and the ‘Engine of the Year’ from Diesel Progress Summit Awards. INNOVATIONS THAT SET A NEW BENCHMARK Emissions standards: The KOHLER KSD Engines address the intricate landscape of global emissions standards and fuels, offering compliance below 19 kW. Ensuring that the engines meet the stringent requirements across various regions, providing customers with the assurance of environmental responsibility. Electronic control: Beyond sheer performance, the versatility of KOHLER KSD engines shines with their seamless integration into existing machine platforms. Featuring electronic management with the simplicity of mechanical engines, the engines deliver precise fuel metering and exceptional load response, enhancing productivity and efficiency. Moreover, the switching ability for gensets adds further flexibility to their usage. “Compliant with all emissions standards worldwide” Combustion System: The heart of innovation in KOHLER KSD lies in its advanced architecture, combining a state-of-theart indirect injection system with electronic management akin to direct injection engines. This design maximises engine performance across all operating conditions, delivering outstanding response and remarkable low-end torque while minimising visible emissions, noise, and vibrations. Ease of Installation: KOHLER KSD engines offer hassle-free integration into existing applications without necessitating any machine redesign from OEMs. This drop-in solution streamlines installation processes, saving time and resources for our valued customers. Service & Total Cost of Ownership: Focusing on proactive maintenance, KOHLER KSD engines incorporate features like prognostic, diagnostic, geolocation, and remote monitoring capabilities to minimise downtime. Additionally, our engines boast extended service intervals of up to 2000 hours for the Poly-V fan belt and no valve lash adjustment requirement. Combined with 500-hour service intervals for oil and fuel filters and a generous 3-year warranty, KOHLER KSD engines significantly reduce the total cost of ownership while ensuring prolonged productivity and uptime. “We are excited to introduce the KSD Series to the market,” said Tim McCarthy, CEO of EPG Engines. “With their unparalleled combination of power, efficiency, and reliability, these engines set a new standard in the industry, empowering our customers to achieve their goals with confidence.” UNMATCHED EFFICIENCY, UNRIVALLED PERFORMANCE The Kohler KSD Series meets the challenges posed by stringent emissions standards, but also exceeds expectations in performance, efficiency, and reliability. Focusing on clean combustion, reduced fuel consumption, and extended service intervals, the KSD Engine empower your businesses to thrive while minimising environmental impact. For more information on the groundbreaking KOHLER KSD Engines and to explore how they can elevate your operations, contact EPG Engines as the leading KOHLER KSD Series distributor in Australia at 1800 620 652 or visit www.epgengines.com.au PRODUCT FOCUS MARCH - APRIL 2024 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | 21