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A robust connection with customers is essential for Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) dealerships to foster loyalty, drive repeat business, benefit from positive word-of-mouth marketing, and stay competitive in a dynamic market. No one understands all this better than the team at Albury Engineering and Mower Service. For six decades, this dealership based in Albury, NSW have built a reputation for their excellent service and support to customers. It has not only contributed to the dealership’s success but has laid the foundation for longterm sustainability and growth of their business. “Friendly, honest advice with the range and backup support you can rely on all at competitive prices…Don’t let the old shop and old-fashioned service fool you. We have the most up to date equipment and make sure our staff are factory trained and have the latest product knowledge. We might be a small family business but we work hard to make sure we are a damn good one!” reads their website. The dealership was established by 1964 by William (Bill) Quinlivan with the aim of offering a one-stop shop for quality mowers, chainsaws and small engines. It has come a long way since then. It is now being steered by Bill’s son, Dean Quinlivan who has successfully navigated challenges and embraced the changing landscape of the OPE industry. “The business started predominantly on the engineering side – as my father was a qualified fitter and turner. As the years went on, the need for the engineering side decreased but the sales and repairs for small motor and lawn products increased,” reminisces Dean. “The business was then handed down to myself… it’s been 12 years to this year. I was working out the back on the tools for a couple of years before the business was left to me, but then moved to into the director’s role, ordering stock, and running the business,” he tells us. Before Dean started working at Albury Engineering & Mower Service, he was a service manager in the automotive trade for over 20 years. Today, the dealership not only provides an extensive range of mowers & ride-on mowers, chainsaws, trimmers, edgers and hedgers, stationary engines, generators, pumps and spare parts from leading brands, but they also specialise in servicing. BUSINESS: Albury Engineering & Mower Service PRINCIPALS: Dean Quinlivan LOCATION: Albury, NSW WEBSITE: www.alburyengineering.com.au DEALER PROFILE Established in 1964, Albury Engineering & Mower Service has evolved over the years from an engineering-focused business to a specialised provider of OPE as well as repairs and service, reports JACKIE JOY Stellar service for 60 years…and counting