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CLIMATE CHANGE WHAT CAN AUSTRALIA DO? The problems outlined above must be faced and dealt with. Governments that are in power for three years at a time, will ignore them and we are seeing that every day. It’ll take education and some real passion to make Australians face the fact that we are sitting on a huge island continent that could produce three times more food than it does, if only we had water security inland. The majority of us, live in four cities and we know the inland, by world standards, is empty. There are some lessons to learn in developing land by providing water security. One is the way innovative foreign companies are building irrigation channels to move the surplus water from the Ord Dam. Previously low-grade beef cattle grazing country is now good cropping land, with huge potential for food production for the starving nations of the world. The Ord Dam is a classic example of an underused and underdeveloped resource. We could divert the millions of litres of surplus water, that currently flow into the sea every day, just like Hammurabi, the King of Babylon, did 3,750 years ago. “We dug channels in the desert and bought water to the land and it flourished. The people were happy,” he said. SOLUTIONS • Governments should win our votes based on their actions rather than procrastination. • An education program needs to be rolled out that tells the people of this wonderful country, what is actually going on with climate change. Every home needs to understand that ultimately due to population growth, and dropping food production, the looming food shortage will get worse. The instability caused could change everything that we hold dear. Here at Aussie Pumps, we do the best we can by building big flood lifters. You’ve seen the story about how we saved the town of Juba from flooding in South Sudan by redirecting the Nile River. It sounds incredible but the United Nations did it with 23 of these MQ600TDs. So far as controlling fires is concerned there are bright spots. We are seeing people like Centric developing sophisticated gear for fast filling aircraft with fire retardant. Remote, hard to reach fires can be put out faster without endangering our brave firefighters. That’s a very positive thing. Is there more we can do? Yes! You can’t fight fire without water. Having more water resources is essential. We have the capability, and yet we are still waiting for somebody to have the guts to put an extra 15 metres on the Warragamba Dam. Sydney is heading for a population of 7 million people and they all consume water. We hope you get just as mad as we are. We’d love to hear your ideas, regardless of how preposterous, on how to drought proof Australia, grow more food, and fight bushfires, even if it means changing the direction of the Darling River.