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For working at great heights Get to know STIHL’s most powerful top-handle battery chainsaws 2023 saw the introduction of a brand new battery chainsaw capable of the most demanding jobs in tree work. The new STIHL MSA 220 T is the most powerful battery top handle chainsaw in the STIHL range, designed exclusively for professional use by trained arborists. A fantastic alternative to the MS 201 TC-M petrol chainsaw, the MSA 220 T is more than capable of cutting large branches and making reduction cuts accross the tree canopy. Set to launch in Autumn 2024 is the MSA 220 TC-O, the same high-powered battery top-handle chainsaw which now features an oil sensor on an LED display. This innovative new feature gives the user a warning when the chain oil level is low. With a compact and well-balanced design, both models are easy to handle in awkward or outstretched positions. The intuitive trigger lockout system is simple to use, and the electronic unlock button is within easy reach of your thumb. The status LED will light up green when the chainsaw is ready for use, and the chain brake LED will light up red when the chain brake is engaged, so you can easily see when the tool is good to go. Both models also feature an adjustable oil pump, allowing you to customise the oil output to match the application or guide bar length at hand. Just like the MS 201 TC-M, the MSA 220 T and the MSA 220 TC-O each have a sprocket cover with captive nut, easy to use side chain tensioner and a black felling line for making accurate cuts. Paired with the AP 300 S battery and the NEW 3/8 PS3 Pro chain, their output is comparable to the 201’s power output too. Both models are recommended for use with the AP 300 S battery, however, the new STIHL AP 500 S battery will the extend the working time further. It’s important NOT to use AP 100, 200 or 300 batteries as this will reduce both the runtime and the performance. The AP 300 S can be fully charged in 45 minutes with the STIHL AL 500 quick charger and will give up to 29 minutes of working time depending on what’s being cut and how it’s used. The motor and electronic components are air cooled and protected from dirt by an easily accessible fleece air filter. The filter needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent heat build-up – to do this we recommend STIHL VarioClean, our cleaning agent specifically designed for this task. Spray on both sides of the filter, leave for 10 minutes then rinse gently with water and leave to dry. Like all models in STIHL’s AP Battery System, the MSA 220 T and the MSA 220 TC-O are compatible with our STIHL Smart Connector which will record the working time of the tool and transmit the data to the Connected App via Bluetooth. This means you’ll know exactly when to complete certain maintenance tasks (such as cleaning the air filter or dressing the guide bar) and have an accurate record of exactly how much work your tool has done. Top handle chainsaws should only be bought and used by trained arborists and should never be used for cutting at ground level. Find out more about the MSA 220 T and the MSA 220 TC-O, visit stihl.com.au or contact your local STIHL Dealer. Stihldealers.com.au. TECH TALK