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Sharpening with precision Dinasaw Pty Ltd, an Australian company with a passion for forestry and cutting tools, stands proudly behind its innovative grinding wheels – The Cyclone ABN and Diamond. For over 20 years, they have been helping professionals and enthusiasts achieve superior sharpening results, and these specialised wheels represent the forefront of their commitment to performance and precision. This article delves into the features and benefits of both ABN and Diamond grinding wheels, exploring their unique functionalities and how to choose the perfect fit for your sharpening needs. UNDERSTANDING THE SCIENCE Before diving into the specifics, let’s address the core difference between these two abrasives: ABN (Amber Boron Nitride): This advanced material combines the hardness of diamond with the thermal stability of cubic boron nitride (CBN). ABN wheels excel at sharpening hardened steel, offering exceptional sharpness and extended wheel life. Diamond: The undisputed king of hardness, diamond excels at sharpening carbide-tipped tools, ceramics, and glass. Its unmatched abrasiveness ensures precise sharpening and a smooth finish. Features and benefits of ABN grinding wheels • Sharpen hardened steel effectively: From chainsaw chains to woodworking tools, ABN tackles even the toughest steels with ease. • Fast and cool grinding: The unique composition minimizes heat generation, reducing the risk of tempering and ensuring faster sharpening. • Low maintenance: Unlike traditional bonded wheels, ABN requires no dressing or truing, saving time and effort. • Extended lifespan: The robust bond and abrasive material result in a longer-lasting wheel, offering exceptional value for money. • Ideal for: Chainsaw sharpening, woodworking tools, metalworking applications, and other hardened steel tools. Features and benefits of Diamond grinding wheels • Unmatched sharpness for carbide-tipped tools: Achieve razorsharp edges on carbide saws, router bits, and other carbidetipped equipment. • Precise sharpening control: The fine diamond abrasive allows for micro-level adjustments, ensuring optimal performance. • Long-lasting performance: Similar to ABN, diamond wheels boast excellent durability, requiring minimal maintenance. • Versatile options: Available in various shapes and sizes to cater to diverse sharpening needs, from intricate carving tools to large saw blades. • Ideal for: Carbide-tipped woodworking tools, metalworking tools, glass, ceramics, and other hard materials. CHOOSING THE RIGHT WHEEL The crucial question remains – which wheel is right for you? Material to be sharpened: If you primarily work with hardened steel, ABN is the clear choice. For carbide-tipped tools, ceramics, or glass, opt for Diamond. Sharpness level: Diamond offers the ultimate sharpness for fine finishes, while ABN delivers an excellent balance of sharpness and durability for everyday sharpening. Budget: Both wheels offer exceptional value, but ABN tends to be slightly more affordable. BEYOND THE WHEELS Dinasaw goes beyond just offering quality wheels. They provide fully automatic chainsaw chain and bandsaw blade sharpening machines to ensure you get the most out of your sharpening experience. Their website features detailed product information, instructional videos, and expert tips on proper sharpening techniques. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a weekend enthusiast, ABN and Diamond grinding wheels from Dinasaw offer unparalleled performance and precision. By understanding their unique features and selecting the right fit for your needs, you can achieve razor-sharp tools and elevate your projects to a whole new level. MORE INFORMATION www.dinasaw.com.au Looking to keep your tools razor sharp? The team at Dinasaw explain the features and benefits of ‘ABN’ and ‘Diamond’ grinding wheels to get exceptional results TRAINING MARCH - APRIL 2024 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | 29