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Kohler KSD Series engines Kress Cordless Commercial 60v 40cm Chainsaw With a power range below 19 kW (25 hp), the KSD (Kohler Small Displacement) Series provides a compact solution for a variety of applications. One of the key highlights of the KSD engines is their versatility, as they can seamlessly integrate into existing machine platforms without requiring any major redesigning. The engines are electronically managed, offering the convenience of modern technology while maintaining user-friendly operation comparable to mechanical engines. The advanced fuel system of the KSD engines enables precise fuel metering and exceptional load response, resulting in enhanced productivity. Additionally, the engines can be easily switched for use in gensets, providing further flexibility. What sets the Kohler KSD engines apart is their state-of-the-art architecture, combining an indirect injection system with electronic management typically found in direct injection engines. MORE INFORMANTION EPG ENGINES www.epgengines.com.au NEW PRODUCTS The MSA 220 TC-O is STIHL’s most powerful battery top-handle saw to date. This professional arborist saw is ideal for removing pieces of trunk, crown correction, or removing dead wood. The TC-O model features an oil sensor on an LED display which gives the user a warning when the chain oil level is low. It also has an electronic trigger system with an unlock button for simple saw activation, which leads to easy operation. With an easy-toclean air filter for long service life and optimum engine cooling, excellent cutting performance, side-mounted chain tensioning, tool-free oil tank cap and captive nut on the sprocket cover. When there is very heavy use or the battery runs out, the power electronics automatically reduce the current and thus the torque via de-rating. This allows you to complete a cut while other saws are already shutting down in a similar situation. MORE INFORMATION STIHL www.stihl.com.au MSA 220 TC-O Battery Top-Handle Chainsaw Revolutionise tree care with the Kress Commercial KC300.9 60V 40cm Chainsaw. The KC300.9 60V 40cm Chainsaw boasts 1.8kW of power, 24 m/s chain speed, and an Oregon 0.325 lp chain, outperforming traditional petrol-powered saws. With an 8-minute charge time (when using the Kress CyberTank™) for charging and 3,000 charge cycles, it is well-balanced with low vibration, providing comfort for longer operations without fatigue. Experience hassle-free starts and precise, efficient cutting with the KC300.9. The revolutionary 8-minute CyberSystem™ provides reliable power for the fast, aggressive cuts essential for professional results. The IPX4 water resistance, and a magnesium chain cover for optimised chip discharge, places the KC300.9 as the top choice for arborists and landscaping professionals. Featuring a brushless motor, the Kress KC300.9 sets the benchmark for power and longevity. MORE INFORMATION Kress www.kress.com/en-au/ 32 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | MARCH - APRIL 2024