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PRODUCT REVIEW Gear up before it’s too late With weather alerts being the new normal, the team at Aussie Pumps share how to tackle the climate challenges with the right equipment. Climate change, weather events, summer fires followed by catastrophic flood, and what seems to be endless rain, seems to be the new cycle. Facing the challenges and forgetting the conflicts in Europe and potential confrontations in the South China sea, we all have to shake ourselves out of the old lethargy and figure out how to do more, sometimes with less. Australian Pump Industries has a reputation for innovation and enhanced design, backed by great customer service. They are facing up to the challenges of the future by rising to the occasion of increasing production numbers with a radical program that will help the victims of fires, floods, yes, and even droughts. THE WORLD’S BEST LIGHTWEIGHT PORTABLE FIRE PUMP When the company developed the Aussie Fire Chief almost 20 years ago, it quickly obtained a reputation for being better than the traditional market leaders. Those companies appear to have rested on their laurels with products that were designed to do a job but with costs being continually trimmed out to optimise profitability. Two piece impellers, made of lightweight aluminium or even plastic impellers in fire pumps, was seen by Aussie as not the way to go. The Aussie Fire Chief outperforms its key competitors by 25 per cent and represents substantially better value for money. Components are heavier and last longer. The heart of the system is a big 7” diameter closed impeller that produces performances which negate the need for twin impeller pumps in the lower horsepower range. Better yet, the product is on the market at around 40 per cent lower price at a retail level than key competitors and yet, costs more to make. “Customers ask us howwe can produce a product with a five-year warranty based on its features and still be so much less expensive than our opposition,” Aussie’s Chief Engineer, John Hales says. “It’s simple - we don’t have the overheads generated by the large corporations who have to please corporate shareholders demanding dividends. That freedom gives us the ability to design features that others simply can’t afford.” By that, Hales means little things like metal caps and chains on the threeway outlet. Heavy duty steel skids with anti-vibration mounts on the base model machine and a huge “big belly” polished aluminium body that houses that wonderful 7” impeller. It’s designed to fight bushfires and protect homes, not just to be sold. FLOOD CLEAN-UP The company believes that the speed of the clean-up after a flood is obviously not just about the convenience of the victims. It’s about health, particularly where flooded sewage or overflowing septic tanks are affected. The ability to move promptly to clean up the mess after a flood, including the ability to hot wash or steam clean is imperative. The company’s range of Scud stainless steel framed heavy duty pressure cleaners are used by leading mines, both Preparation is key to dealing with catastrophic bushfires