Power Equipment Australasia

Despite inflation and rising interest rates impacting businesses and consumers across both Australia and New Zealand, Biscount seamlessly increased its market share and forged even stronger relationships amongst both dealers and suppliers alike throughout 2023 by remaining flexible in terms of service and support delivery and including new program functionality. The first major piece of work delivered in 2023 was providing their dealers with a further revised workshop module and Point of Sale stock search screen, adding additional functionality to already powerful yet simple to use program modules. Providing integration to the new stock and data search options has allowed for a more streamlined workshop job book-in process and way to find parts across all areas of Biscount in an instant. Additionally, changing the look and feel of screens within all areas of the program to a more uniform colour palette has provided consistency and a modernised product offering to both new and existing dealers who rely on Biscount to manage their dealerships. According to Steve Fairbrother, Marketing and Sales Manager at Biscount, implementing such change was fundamental in making Biscount a more robust and attractive business package. “What has been most helpful, is the feedback received from our dealers throughout the rollout process delivered through program updates. Similar to making integration between Biscount and Xero accounting package available, the new workshop book-in process and new stock searching capabilities has been praised by our dealers for the modernised look, added functionality and time saving benefits they have provided. Further refinements suggested by those who use it most - our dealers have and continue to further strengthen the end user experience,” Mr Fairbrother said. WHAT'S ON THE CARDS FOR 2024? Based on feedback received from dealers throughout the year, there will be a continued emphasis on functionality that improves both efficiency and accuracy whilst ensuring increased profitability for the dealer. Such efforts will include: Release of revised unit and equipment list register In keeping with the push to modernise and add functionality regarding the editing of serial numbered units in stock including unique identifiers such as VIN, HIN and engine numbers, adding second hand units purchased from customers into stock and managing items on floor-plan terms, a new equipment list will be made available to dealers. Further refinement of workshop job input Additional features within workshop will be added throughout 2024 to further modernise and save dealer time with the job invoicing process. Further increase in the extensive list of suppliers with PDF invoicing support Biscount already imports PDF invoices from over 110 suppliers within the Australian and New Zealand OPE, Motorcycle, Marine, Agricultural and Automotive industries, streamlining the receiving of stock with serial numbers, part numbers & descriptions added automatically, with minimal manual input required. Streamlined sales and workshop follow-up process Whilst Biscount already has tools to assist a dealer in keeping in touch with their customers after the sale of a serial numbered unit or to remind of an upcoming scheduled workshop service, a simplified and more automated approach will be made available, saving even more time for the dealer and further increasing profitability through repeat custom. Electronic warranty registrations for more OPE suppliers Electronic warranty registrations (already available for Honda, Husqvarna, SME and Stihl Products) will be expanded to additional manufacturers in 2024. The feature saves dealers from countless hours of manual warranty registrations, a task that Biscount efficiently handles at the time of a unit sale, using information within the customer and major unit records. Additional interfaces to supplier online ordering systems As made available by suppliers in the industries that Biscount services, additional ordering interfaces will be supported by Biscount, allowing dealers to electronically order parts for their customer orders, workshop jobs and inventory directly from Biscount into a supplier back-end portal. Such interfaces drastically reduce doublehandling of information and make the end-toend ordering process fully electronic. Biscount hopes that the success experienced by dealers throughout the year continues, and that 2024 is a further step in the right direction for dealers and suppliers alike. With works already underway for additional key integrations with the likes of Honda and Stihl to name a few, and additional online e-commerce options available directly out of Biscount within a dealership, the team at Biscount are certain they have the needed ingredients to do their part in making this happen. Biscount was an integral part of the winning formula for dealers and suppliers this year. Biscount REVIEW PREVIEW Biscount’s integration to Xero accounting package saves dealer’s time and inputs a detailed date range of Biscount trading figures into Xero in seconds. 10 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2023