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JAK Max kicked off the year by focusing on development and innovation. The company's commitment to staying ahead of the curve in terms of technology and design paid off. JAK Max introduced several new products such as GREENWORKS® Commercial, RATO lithium and Archer lithium battery products and added more to the ever-growing GREENWORKS range. These products captured the market's attention and turned into some highly required sales. JAK Max placed customer satisfaction at the forefront of their operations in 2023 with their dedicated team going above and beyond to ensure that customers' needs were met. This commitment translated into an increase in positive customer feedback and an improvement in overall customer satisfaction. Commitment to putting customers first is one of the main pillars at JAK Max and they will continue to build on this department moving forward. The year also saw JAK Max expanding its market reach domestically and internationally. Through strategic partnerships and effective marketing campaigns, they were successful in penetrating new markets. Strengthening distribution networks and establishing a new warehouse in Brisbane has changed how JAK Max was able to reach a wider range of potential customers with faster and somewhat cheaper freight costs. JAK Max also doubled its Victorian operation and this new additional warehouse is now in full swing. The year in review was a remarkable one for JAK Max. The company's commitment to development, innovation and customer satisfaction led to their success throughout the year, even though it was tough at every turn. Their adaptability, employee engagement and innovative marketing strategies allowed them to overcome obstacles and achieve significant milestones in one of the toughest years since 2018. 2024 will be full of new challenges and products within their existing brand range. The RATO product line will expand into a comprehensive range of stationary engines, both horizontal crankshaft and vertical crankshaft, to suit most applications. New additions to the generator range will give JAK Max a large range of generator from 1200 watts all the way up to 9500 watt units. The 2024 JAK Max parts catalogue is hot off the press and will be out within weeks and a continued focus and effort to source more parts is high on their agenda. Over the next 24 months, the company has plans to expand their range by a further 8,000+ new parts and offer best pricing and range for aftermarket spares. Their parts pricing has come down this year and the company is eager to attack more parts business with dealers! The GREENWORKS range is expanding into new exciting lifestyle products, such as e-bicycles, go karts and a recreational mini-bike. With the commercial range being rolled out now, GREENWORKS offers the best quality, value and run times in the Australian market today and is geared up for the changing market in the years ahead. The company’s expanding workforce will be taking these products and more to every dealer in the coming year and it shows their commitment in serving their dealer network better and more efficiently. Exciting times ahead. If you are interested in becoming a JAK Max dealer, reach out to the team. 2023 was full of challenges for businesses worldwide, yet JAK Max managed to navigate through turbulent waters and achieve remarkable success. JAK Max REVIEW PREVIEW 12 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2023