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For large gardens and serious commercial users, STIHL have cemented their position as leaders in battery innovation with the launch of the highly anticipated MSA 300 C-O: the strongest battery chainsaw worldwide, along with the new MSA 220 T arborist chainsaw and the BGA 300, a battery powered backpack blower. For home gardens, STIHL’s AK system welcomed eight new models to the range which now boasts over 15 models and counting, while the AS Battery System which includes the GTA 26, STIHL’s number one selling tool worldwide, now offers three different tools all powered by the one battery after launching the new SEA 20 handheld vacuum cleaner. Let’s take a closer look. AP BATTERY SYSTEM MSA 300 C-O & AP 500 S The MSA 300 C-O sets a new benchmark in performance as the most powerful battery chainsaw in STIHL’s growing battery range. With plenty of torque and a battery capable of delivering 3kW of power, the MSA 300 C-O cuts quickly through large pieces of timber and is comparable in performance to the popular MS 261 C-M. The powerhouse behind the MSA 300 C-O’s worldclass performance is the new AP 500 S battery. It is the first battery in the AP System to use laminated battery cells capable of delivering a significantly higher power output of 3kW and is compatible with every other tool in the AP battery system with around 20 per cent longer working times compared to the AP 300 S. BGA 300 The BGA 300 is the most powerful blower in the STIHL range and has been designed for professionals working over long periods and in noise sensitive areas. Featuring four different power modes and a ‘boost’ mode, users can adjust the blowing force to suit the application. The power level is easily visible and adjustable thanks to the LED display which sits on the trigger handle. There is also the option to activate the cruise control which is a welcome feature for those with a longer job ahead of them. The BGA 300 also features a specially designed noise reduction system which significantly lowers the high-pitched frequencies which are usually associated with battery powered blowers. MSA 220 T The new STIHL MSA 220 T is the most powerful battery top handle chainsaw in the STIHL range and has been designed exclusively for professional use by trained arborists. A fantastic alternative to the MS 201 TC-M petrol chainsaw, the MSA 220 T is more than capable of cutting large branches and making reduction cuts across the tree canopy and features an impressive suite of innovative comfort and safety features. AK BATTERY SYSTEM MSA 60 & MSA 70 These new models are the upgraded versions of the popular MSA 120 C-B and MSA 140 C-B battery-powered chainsaws and include a few handy improvements. A new Ergo lever on the back handle has been added for even greater user comfort, and the trigger system has also improved, meaning you have maximum control over the speed of the chainsaw chain. The MSA 70 offers 25 per cent more cutting performance than the MSA 60. HSA 50 & HSA 60 The HSA 50 is the new compact and lightweight option for hedge care in the AK system and is perfect for tidying hedges around a home garden with its 50cm bar. The HSA 60 is the next step up and can go that little bit further with a 60cm bar. This model boasts an impressive list of innovative features to make light and enjoyable work of hedge trimming including a rotating handle and an anti-jamming system. SHA 56 Another very welcome addition to the STIHL AK battery system and one that has been long awaited is the SHA 56 battery blower vacuum which does exactly what its name implies. Users now have the option to tidy the leaves and debris in their backyard before collecting them up and turning them into mulching them with the one single machine. RLA 240 The RLA 240 is the first scarifier to join the STIHL range. This multi-function tool gives users the option of either scraping their turf for better aeration, or for combing the dead grass and moss from their lawn, also known as dethatching, using the aerator roller. Simply attach the tool you need in a few simple steps, adjust the working depth, and away you go. BGA 70 The compact construction of the new BGA 60 and the well-balanced build with a centre of gravity close to the handle is designed to preserve energy and extend the battery run time. The blowing tube is also adjustable in length so that users can adapt it to suit their height. Not only does this make it even more comfortable to use, but it also avoids loss of blowing power due to excessive ground clearance. AS BATTERY SYSTEM The STIHL SEA 20 is STIHL’s first portable handheld battery vacuum cleaner allowing users to quickly clean small, dry areas efficiently. The removable container is incredibly easy to empty on the go and it comes with a range of different attachments to suit the task at hand making It perfect for keeping your car, workshop, or garage, neat and tidy. All models are available exclusively through local STIHL Dealers. 2023 saw the addition of several new models to STIHL’s growing range of battery garden power tools. STIHL REVIEW PREVIEW 16 | POWER EQUIPMENT AUSTRALASIA | NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2023